10Seinfeld: "The Dog"

"The Dog" Seinfeld - Kramer

Seinfeld is a television series known for having unique premises, and while almost every episode undoubtedly hits hard for viewing audiences, the season 3 episode titled "The Dog" was one of the few that it was difficult for fans to get behind.

During this episode, Jerry agrees, while traveling back to

New York, to watch a dog after its owner collapses on their flight. Meanwhile, Kramer breaks up with his girlfriend in classic Kramer-like fashion, and that is all that really happens. "The Dog" features two unseen characters: "Farfle" the dog and Kramer's girlfriend Ellen. Neither the plot, nor the subplot succeeds in being particularly interesting or humorous.

Despite its flaws, "The Dog" does succeed in offering a classic Seinfeld gag: the fake film Prognosis Negative.

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