My Own Worst Enemy: The Return Of Christian Slater?

Tonight marks the debut of a latecomer to the Fall 2008 TV season: My Own Worst Enemy. Back in August we gave you the full rundown on the new series, which stars Christian Slater. Basically it seems to be like a TV version of the Arnold Schwarzenneger movie True Lies, but played less for laughs or over the top adventure, and more for reality (well as close to reality as you can get with this sort of thing).

Christian Slater was a rising star in the late 80s/early 90s with roles in films like Heathers, Young Guns II and later, Broken Arrow. Now I'm not big on following celebrities off camera lives, so I don't know if he's had personal issues that interrupted his career of if he just fell out of favor. Slater has continued working, but it just hasn't really been in anything terribly high profile.

Personally, I like his screen presence so I hope this show is good and that it helps get him back into the limelight. So far the reviews for the show (I haven't seen it yet as of the writing of this post) have been medium to very good, but everyone seems to agree that Slater is great in the dual-personality role.

I'll be checking the premiere/pilot out tonight and I'm sure either TV hound Bruce or myself here on Screen Rant will be giving you the thumbs up or down. :-)

My Own Worst Enemy premieres tonight, October 13 on NBC.

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