The 10 Most Dangerous Characters In The Mad Max Franchise, Ranked

The Mad Max franchise is packed full of dangerous characters - and these are the most terrifying of them all.

When you're in the outback post-apocalypse in Australia, everything is dangerous. Heck, even you can be a danger to yourself in a place like that. If not the sandstorms, then dehydration will surely be your death. Despite the harsh conditions of such a fictional hellscape in the Mad Max franchise, people have still thrived-- dangerous people, albeit. Because they really don't have any choice but to abide by the laws of nature.

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Suffice to say, it's a dog-eat-dog world in the Mad Max post-apocalypse. The soft ones either get eaten or enslaved or turned into blood bags-- if they're lucky. Those at the top of the food chain in Mad Max are no doubt dangerous because they have to be or worse-- they want to be. So, if you're still not convinced that you won't survive such a deplorable post-apocalypse, here are the 10 most dangerous characters in the Mad Max films you don't want to be locked within the Thunderdome.


Who run Bartertown? Maybe these two. They're two people if you haven't noticed already; the brains is named Master and the brawns is called Blaster. Together, this dynamic duo runs Bartertown along with Aunty Entity. Sometimes they even wrestle for control since Master is responsible for producing the city's energy needs.

More than just a fancy take on a Mad Max character, Master Blaster was George Miller's (the director) curious insight on how some people survived or keep surviving. What we see between these two is good old-fashioned symbiosis; Master is physically weak but smart, Blaster is mentally incapable but strong, opposites attract and also give Max himself a hard time.


Aunty Entity is sort of the de facto main villain in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Though at times she might look like a sore thumb sticking out, especially with her diva get-up in a post-apocalypse wasteland, there's a fair explanation for that. You see, Aunty Entity was never a bad person initially. Her intentions of building Bartertown and eventually rebuilding civilization were all for the greater good.

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At least that's what she thought. Apart from giving "hope" to a lot of people, she also became a tyrant. Beneath that heroic and positive facade is a tragic despot who failed in her mission to restore humanity. The problem is, she still does what she thinks is the right way. Aunty regularly executes people like Max and anyone who's seemingly a threat to what she built.


You don't have to guess how Toecutter earned his notoriety and the respect of his crazy biker gang. For that reason, he also serves as the main antagonist for the very first Mad Max film. Compared to the baddies in this list, Toecutter might look the tamest-- he even looks like someone who'd fit right in as a member of My Chemical Romance.

However, there's no doubt that he's both cruel and deranged. Toecutter has no qualms about threatening mothers and even their babies. He's one of the first few people in the Australian post-apocalypse who quickly regressed back to animal instincts as soon as the laws disappeared and the resources ran low.


Despite looking like someone straight out of a BDSM party, Lord Humungus is not a person you would want to laugh at. He's actually the leader of a bloodthirsty biker gang in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. As we all know, for one person to be a leader in a post-apocalypse, they'd have to the apex predator among human beings.

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Lord Humungus took over when Max killed the Toecutter (sort of) and replaced his gang. He's proof that extinguishing one evil in a post-apocalyptic wasteland would lead to an endless loop of succession where they'll be replaced by bigger fish. When not cannibalizing his enemies for muscle gains, we can assume that Lord Humungus hosts his own version of the Burning Man (most likely a literal human barbecue) in the Mad Max universe.


You don't get to call yourself the "Conductor of the Choir of Death" and be a slouch at the same time. Luckily, Major Kalashnikov is a true badass. Other than that, this guy is also entitled as the Bullet Farmer. He's responsible for, well, bullets and the big guns in the Mad Max: Fury Road mythos. The Major is also Immortan Joe's second-in-command and their ties date back to the pre-apocalypse era.

Anyway, "Major" is something the Bullet Farmer also earned in the military before the Oil and Water wars. That means he's a seasoned veteran and has had numerous battle-scars and can probably shrug off additional ones. He did just that even when he lost his eyesight after being sniped by Imperator Furiosa and even kept fighting while severely handicapped.


Immortan Joe is a former military colonel before the apocalypse. Earning his respect would mean that you have to be tougher than nails; that pretty much sums up Imperator Furiosa (she's even nicknamed "Bag of Nails"). She's the top Imperator (basically high-ranking officers) of Immortan Joe. However, Furiosa's fate could have been a lot different. She was actually kidnapped as a child and was sold to Immortan Joe to be his wife.

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Thankfully, Immortan Joe discovered that she was sterile, so he gave her to the Imperators for the art of war instead. Furiosa turned out to be an exceptionally good warrior who was also intelligent and compassionate. She was the only woman in Immortan Joe's army. Eventually, Immortan Joe created the very thing which would destroy him with a vengeance.


In Max's world, the innocent dead can be more dangerous than the living, especially when they haunt your dreams and gnaw at the back of your head in every waking moment. That's what became of Glory the Child for Max-- episodic pangs of burning nightmarish guilt. She made the already "mad" Max even more insane.

Max was supposed to save her since he owes her mother his life. He was successful in this, but both Glory and her mother were attacked soon after Max (being a loner) left them to fend for themselves. Glory and her mother died and Max had to bury both their bodies. This took a heavy toll on Max since he believed he was also responsible for their deaths. More than anything, Glory and her mother were a chance for Max to start over again with a family but he lost them-- a familiar misfortune for him.


Being alone and anti-social in a post-apocalyptic world is a sure death sentence. Miraculously, and through sheer self-preservation skills, Max Rockatansky survived countless certain deaths in the outback. In fact, he's even outlived many self-styled dictators who set up their own kingdoms and territories in what's left of the world.

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That basically makes Max one of the most dangerous individuals in his universe. Of course, this came at quite a huge cost to Max's psyche. He's often tortured and guilty of many things and he knows this. We can't blame him, however; what can one man do in the face of madness and extinction but go, well, mad.


You'd have to eat human beings or be genetically gifted to be as physically imposing as Rictus in Mad Max: Fury Road. He's the son of Immortan Joe and while he appears to be perfect in every way, he's only a little more fortunate than a War Boy. Rictus has immense physical strength and is nearly seven feet tall, but appears to be no smarter than Blaster from Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome.

Nevertheless, Rictus has proven to be more than capable of killing anyone he wants without any weapon. He gets by with a regular diet of breast milk and a clean supply of oxygen. Even someone as seasoned and tough as Max couldn't beat Rictus alone. There is one person Rictus couldn't disrespect or kill, however, and that is his very own father...


Straight out of Valhalla all shiny and chrome is the leader of the War Boys and ruler of the Citadel, Immortan Joe. He's formerly known as Colonel Joe Moore from back when the world was sane and it appears the apocalypse transformed him into... something else. Whatever it is, it's turned the whole wasteland upside down.

Immortan Joe has proven to be both capable in war and politics. He even set up a religion or fanatical cult to easily control his followers. Immortan Joe also knows how to gain leverage on anyone else. The man took over a rival gang's base with its own aquifer and controlled the wasteland's water supply since then.

Without a doubt, Immortan Joe is the most dangerous person in all Mad Max films. He has the biggest ambition, the most astute plans, and the most loyal soldiers. There's really not much you can do against him and his War Boys but witness them!

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