16 WORST Spider-Man Costumes Of All Time

Though he always goes back to some variation on his classic look, there have been some terrible Spider-Man costumes in the character's history.

Spidey Costumes

Audiences will soon be treated to the second reboot of the Spider-Man franchise in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though there are moviegoers who roll their eyes at the prospect of yet another retelling of the famous hero's story (the third in twenty years), those who enjoyed Tom Holland in Civil War are anxious to see how the Wall-Crawler integrates into the MCU. So far it appears fairly well; Tony Stark is featured prominently in the trailers and references to the rest of the MCU are abound. Best of all, we are getting not one, but two new Spider-Man costumes!

Both of the suits worn in Homecoming look like they were ripped straight from the pages of the comics. The "Stark Suit" is the spitting image of the Steve Ditko suit of the '60s, while his "Homemade Suit" is reminiscent of the Scarlet Spider mixed with some cool cosplay. Thank goodness we are getting these costumes because there have been some terrible ones through the years! Next time you hear someone complaining about the quality of the movie suits, show them this list to remind them of just how much worse it could be. Here are the 16 Worst Spider-Man Costumes Of All Time.

16 Amazing Spider-Man costume

Amazing Spider-Man

After the disaster that was Spider-Man 3, the fourth entry in the original Sam Raimi series was put on indefinite hold. Rumors swirled of another movie starring Ben Kingsley as the Vulture and Anne Hathaway as Black Cat, but ultimately Sony decided that they were going to scrap Raimi all together and reboot the series with Marc Webb at the helm.

Though the suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the most comic-book accurate ever  put on screen, the suit from the first film was pretty terrible. For starters, something was just off about the eyes. They were made out of a reflective material and looked like some sort of nasty yellowish mirror.

If that wasn't enough, the design of the costume was far too gritty and realistic for a Spider-Man movie. There was no red belt, the shoes, and gloves had an overly-complicated design, and the entire suit looked like it was made from the same material as a basketball.

15 Negative Zone Costume

Netagive Zone Spidey

The Negative Zone is an alternate universe composed completely out of antimatter. The concept first appeared in the Fantastic Four comic books before becoming ingrained in the larger Marvel Universe. Spider-Man's first encounter with the dimension gave him a new costume.

In the Negative Zone, color is nonexistent. Because of this, the colors of Spidey's suit were turned into shades of black and white. The suit also allowed him to blend seamlessly into the shadows, turning him briefly into a crime fighter more akin to the Dark Knight than our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. You know a costume isn't popular when it's next to impossible to find a good picture of it!

The Negative Zone suit was just a lazy recolor of the classic Spider-Man costume that felt out of place for the character.

14 Captain Universe Costume

Captain Universe Spider-Man Peter Parker cosmic Uni-Power

Captain Universe was one of those cosmic Marvel characters who's really easy to forget about. This is probably because he's more of an "energy" than a person; the power is more akin to the Phoenix Force or the Venom Symbiote. Whenever there is a time of great crisis, the cosmic entity "the Uni-Power" possesses a human and gives them the near-omnipotent powers of Captain Universe. Although the force normally is bestowed upon normal human beings, it has attached itself to the likes of Dr. Strange and Spider-Man in times of dire need.

Whenever the Uni-Power possesses someone, it gives them the costume of Captain Universe. This costume itself is pretty cool, with a chrome-plated lower half and a galaxy-like pattern on the torso and head. What makes this such a terrible costume on Spidey is that, even though the power gives him an entirely new look, it leaves his Spider-Man mask where his mouth should be. This just looks... odd. It's completely out of place both thematically and design wise.

13 Armored Suit

Spider Armor

Spider-Man's whole schtick is that he has the agility of an insect. The acrobatic ways he fights by hopping around and performing death-defying stunts is what separates him from the other Marvel superheroes. Not to mention, he needs to be as lightweight as possible so that he doesn't put strain on his webbing and so that he can be as aerodynamic as possible while swinging through the city.

Why on Earth did he make an armored costume?! Well, officially, the reason he created the plated metal costume was so that he could go up against the New Enforcers and their arsenal of high-powered weaponry. However, he didn't seem to account for the fact that the suit made his fighting style completely useless. Instead of doing somersaults and flip kicks, Spidey found himself hurling his body weight at enemies.

Though the costume defended him from the Enforcer's weapons, it was destroyed when one of them doused it with acid. Thank goodness.

12 Spider-Clan Costume


There comes a point in which you change a character so much that they cease to be the same one that we all know and love. This was the case with the Spidey of Earth-2301 who appeared in Marvel's Mangaverse. The hero of this story was Peter Parker, the member of a clan of ninjas dubbed "the Spider-Clan" who was thrust into a role of leadership when his uncle Ben (the clan's then leader) was murdered. He leads a team consisting of himself, Spider-Woman, and his Aunt May.

As insane as that sounds, the costume he was given was even worse. Aside from the mask and the semi-recognizable spider on his chest, there's nothing about this that screams "Spider-Man" rather than "blue and red ninja." Maybe that was what they were going for?

Then there's the shirt. Why would Spider-Man (or a ninja for that matter) go with short sleeves?! Don't you want as little of your body exposed as possible? We aren't even going to comment on those boots...

11 2004 Secret War Costume

Secret War Costume

In 2004's Secret War (not to be confused with Secret Wars from the '84 or 2015) saw Nick Fury had discovered that a group of terrorists from the country had planned to arm a bunch of lesser villains with some of the most dangerous weapons known to man and let them rampage through New York City. However, the President of the United States refused to take action, leading the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. to take matters into his own hands. Spidey was one of the heroes that agreed to this mission.

The suit he donned while doing it, however, was atrocious. What is this thing? It's got the red and black color scheme of the Miles Morales suit (which is never a bad thing), but then it ruins it with all those weird blue stripes. The thing is, Miles' costume works because it extends the red webbing down his torso just like the classic outfit. This one abruptly stops at the neck. The small eyes aren't doing the suit any favors, either.

10 Stealth Suit

Stealth Suit

Have you ever taken a look at Spider-Man and said "You know what this guy needs? Neon lights!" No? We didn't think so.

After a particularly brutal battle with a new version of the Hobgoblin in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker set to work on a suit that could protect him from the villain's sonic blasts. Using theories he had learned from Tony Stark and Hank Pym, Peter was able to create what fans called the "Stealth Suit."

This costume could bend the wavelengths of light to make its wearer appear invisible as well as deflect waves of sonic energy. After he was done with it, the suit (with a few adjustments) became the primary costume of Kaine, the Scarlet Spider.

We know that every superhero has gone through their phase of needing a "neon energy" suit and weaponry, but this is just a little too far. Without the signature eyes, there is nothing about this costume that resembles our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man at all! Also, it makes Spidey look like he stepped right off the screen of a Tron movie.

9 Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited costume cartoon animated

The short-lived Spider-Man: Unlimited cartoon was a spiritual successor to the insanely popular Spider-Man: The Animated Series of the '90s. However, the company in charge of this sequel series somehow lost the rights to most of Marvel's imagery and storylines while still retaining the rights to the character names. This meant that they had to come up with a brand new story and brand new designs for all the characters.

The result was... odd. It involved Spidey following J. Jonah Jameson's son to a planet called "Counter Earth" where he gets wrapped up in a war between oppressive half-man, half-animal creatures. Also, Venom and Carnage are there.

The suit from Unlimited is just a cheap rip-off of the amazingly cool Spider-Man 2099 costume. But even as a rip-off it's a failure: Spider-Man has a web cape (what?), and his costume is far too dark. Likewise, it's somehow too simplistic and yet needlessly busy at the same time. Thankfully we were only exposed to a single season of this design.

8 Spider-Man 2211

Spider-Man 2211

You want a crazy story? Look up the one that involves Spider-Man 2211 helping our own 616 Spidey and Spider-Man 2099. The plot involves Max Borne (Spider-Man 2211) as he follows the future version of the Hobgoblin (his own daughter) back through time to stop her from wreaking chaos in the past. She tries to do this by resurrecting Uncle Ben, but is stopped when she is hit by one of her own time-warping "Retcon Bombs." It's insane!

While the story itself is pretty good, the costume of Max Borne is anything but. That helmet is just too much. It's nice that they tried to stick with the whole spider aesthetic by giving it six "eyes," but come on...

Then there are the arms. The Iron Spider and Superior Spider-Man costumes both were able to incorporate additional appendages in a way that worked. This one looks like it ripped off Doc Ock's mechanical arms and then decided to make them look like human hands.

7 Electro-Proof Costume

Electro Proof Suit

Electro has always been of the lesser villains in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. He started off as a legitimate threat to the Wall-Crawler back in the series' early issues, but devolved into more and more of a C-lister as time went on. Though he's never gotten to Shocker levels of ridicule, there are few who see him as a major threat when he appears. It didn't help matters that the character was completely butchered by The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Don't get us wrong: Electro is just as dangerous as many of Spidey's other foes. But why did he need to create a suit just to counter this particular villain? Peter Parker isn't Tony Stark; he can't switch out costumes at will to best fit whoever he's fighting.

Plus, why go to all the trouble of making a fully rubberized and padded suit? Spider-Man has been able to render Electro's powers useless just by wearing a pair of dollar store rubber boots and gloves!

Despite the admittedly cool insignia on the chest, there's nothing about this costume that jumps out as memorable.

6 Spider-Man India

Spider-Man India

Despite the costume, the story behind Spider-Man: India is pretty cool. The legendary Indian director Satyajit Ray had been trying to get an Indian version of Spidey running for years. Though he didn't live to see it, 2004 marked the first issue of an all-Indian retelling of Peter Parker's story.

In this talem a young teen (Pavitr Prabhakar) is given the powers of a spider by an ancient yogi. After his uncle is slain by criminals he could have stopped, Prabhakar vows to use his powers to fight evil. The main villain in this story is Nalin Oberoi, a billionaire who uses an amulet to try and bring demons into our world.

The story is awesome. But then, there's the suit. We get what they were trying to go for. We really do. But Spider-Man with no-show socks, Harem pants, and a loincloth? No thanks. What about his exposed hands? Doesn't allowing your fingerprints to get all over everything defeat the purpose of the secret identity?

File this one under "cool concept, poor execution."

5 Spider-Armor MK II

Spider-Man MK II

Apparently Peter didn't learn from the first time using the bullet proof armor (at least when looks are concerned). The second version of the Spider-Armor came when Parker had temporarily lost his Spidey Sense.

This time, Spider-Man was able to create a suit of armor that allowed him to keep his nimble fighting style as well as introduced magnetic webbing into his arsenal. With the return of his Spider Sense, Peter tucked this suit away, never to be used again.

Although it's a huge upgrade from the previous Armored Suit, there's just something that doesn't sit right with us about a bullet-proof Spider-Man. The aesthetics of this suit are also better than the original armor; yellow and black is a color scheme you can't go wrong with!

However, the MK II makes the hero look like he's a mix between Michael Jackson and a medieval knight. The popped collar/shoulder pad look hasn't been in style for years, and the patches of silver armor sticking out just look tacky.

4 Bombastic Bag Man Costume

Spider-Man Bombastic Bag-Man Peter Parker

Look, we get that this suit is supposed to be a joke, and that it has become a cult classic for Spidey fans over the years. But, this is a list of "Worst Costumes." This has to qualify as one of Peter's absolute worst!

When Spider-Man first returned to Earth with his symbiotic suit, he had no idea what it really was. Looking for answers, he brought it to Reed Richards for studying. This left him without a costume for the time being. Standing naked in the Baxter Building, the Human Torch crafted this costume out of a bunch of random objects laying around.

First off, there are no shoes on this costume. Secondly, this wasn't even a modern version of the Fantastic Four suit! Instead, it was an old one that the First Family had laying around from their early crime-fighting days, and it really shows! Then there's the mask... Or should we say, lack thereof.

Fearing that people would find out his secret identity, Peter wore a bag over his head as he swung through the city in this ridiculous attire. Tack on a "kick me!" sign courtesy of Johnny Storm, and you have one of the worst Spider-Man costumes of all time.

3 Cyborg Spider-Man

Cyborg Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man was such a good series. As weird as it was to see Spidey act like Otto Octavius, the interactions he had with his peers and the situations he got into as the Wall-Crawler were things we had never before seen in a Spider-Man tale.

One of Otto's adventures took him on a trip to Earth-2818, where he encountered an alternate universe version of Peter Parker who had been gifted with cybernetic enhancements. This Parker could shoot a laser cannon from his back, turn his left arm into a giant claw, sprout a gun from his right arm, and had a cybernetic eye. It was just as cool as it sounds.

However, the look of Cyborg Spider-Man left a lot to be desired. The character had the exact same red and blue, webbed-up suit as normal Peter Parker. What makes his design such a disaster is the overly-busy cybernetics that stick out of his body like he's in a Michael Bay Transformers movie.

Cyborg Spider-Man has also been depicted with a Rambo-like white bandana wrapped around his head.

2 Supaidaman (aka Japanese Spider-Man)

Japanese Spider-Man

Maybe it's unfair to pick on this one. The series was fairly popular in Japan and helped pave the way for the Power Rangers franchise. In a deal with Marvel, Toei Company gained the rights to do a Spider-Man show in the late '70s. However, it deviated so much from the source material.

Other than the name and the costume, the character of Supaidaman and Spider-Man had little in common. The Japanese version fought all sorts of monsters of the week that would then grow to gargantuan proportions. To fight them in their skyscraper-like forms, he would call on his own mecha. The character made his latest appearance as a cameo in the recent Spider-Verse story arc.

Where do we even begin on this one? It's a Spider-Man costume alright... it's got the design, the colors, and the overall aesthetic of the famous Webslinger's duds. Yet, it looks awful. Was this thing thrown together at the last minute by a bunch of children? The eyes look way off, and you can see the character's mouth and nose perfectly through the costume.

1 Spider-Man 1602

Spider-Man 1602

As his name suggests, this character is a version of Peter Parker (Peter Parquagh) who lived in 1602 England. Over the course of his life, he took on an assistant position with Nicholas Fury before getting bitten by a "unique spider" that gave him powers. He eventually was sent to the Roanoke colony to bring down Fury after he had gone rogue; however, he spared his former friend's life. The character fought against villains such as Baron Octavius, Count Doom, and The King's Pin. Sadly, Parquagh was killed by Morlun during Spider-Verse.

The blending of historical fiction and comic book characters was a stroke of genius on the part of Marvel. Unfortunately there is a certain level at which you can make 17th-century clothing look "cool."

Spider-Man 1602 (aka "The Spider") looks dreadful. He wears a frock coat and has a ruff, for crying out loud! He also lacks the technology to implement Spidey's iconic white eyes, meaning that he awkwardly has two giant eye-holes in the shape of the classic look cut into his mask. You tried, Marvel. You tried.


Is there a terrible Spider-Man suit that we missed? Did we rag on one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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