15 Worst Captain America Villains Of All Time

Captain America has long been considered an iconic comic book character. He stands for American values and is the peak of human performance and potential. His creation via the Super Soldier Serum led to many Marvel characters trying to recreate the formula, with little to no success. Cap's creation set off a chain of events that completely altered Marvel's comic universe, and now that he's played such a large part in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, it's hard to deny his importance to the Marvel franchise.

His debut in 1941 has led to him being one of the longest tenured comic book superheroes we have today. Over the years, Steve Rogers has thrown hands with many opponents. Some of them are iconic battles, with the likes of Red Skull and The Winter Soldier confronting Captain America, giving him all he can handle. Cap has plenty of worthy adversaries to do battle with.

Yet, over the years Captain America has had to fight some pretty lame villains. In his 75 year history, Captain has had to get involved with some stinkers. With that in mind, here are the 15 Worst Captain America Villains Of All Time.


15 The Coney Island Cruisers

If you had to think of some of the most nefarious villains in comic book history, you'd probably look toward characters that are superpowered in some way, with enhancements that make it overwhelming for the hero to overcome. That's the story with all of the greatest villains in the world.

The Coney Island Cruisers have no such powers. This renegade group of bikers are simply that — bikers. Regular. Human. Bikers. The group of seven motorcyclists did battle against the super-human Captain America with little effect. They have teamed up with more well-known baddies, but as a group they stood little chance against America's most righteous hero. They are the definition of disposable bad guys that a more powerful villain would employ just to distract the hero, they are the small-time bad guys you need to tediously fight in order to get to the boss in a video game. They are the definition of expendable.

Captain America can dispose of this biker posse in an instant, and with little effort. You know why? Because he's an actual superhero fighting normal guys.

14 Ameridroid


Debuting in 1978, Ameridroid didn't last too long in Captain America's continuity. You might ask yourself, "Why not?" Let us explain.

Ameridroid is a 20-foot-tall robotic replica of Captain America that is controlled by the brain-- not the entire body, just the brain-- of a former Nazi spy named Lyle Dekker. Sounds pretty farfetched, right? That's because it is incredibly farfetched. In fact, this character was deemed so stupid that it has only appeared in the comics a few times. Four times in 1978, three times in 1981, and after 30 years of absence, Ameridroid reappeared in one Captain America comic in 2011. Each time Ameridroid appeared, he was throughly trounced by the star-spangled super soldier, with little consequence. Simply making a 20-foot-tall robot doesn't mean it's particularly powerful or more dangerous; it just means it's tall.

This little frequency of appearances should tell you all you need to know about what Marvel thinks of this incredibly silly character. Cap definitely has some more worthy foes than a 20-foot-tall-robot-evil version of himself.

13 Death Throws

When you compare the evilness of Captain America's enemies to the evilness of Death Throws on paper, it just seems ridiculous. Captain America is usually fighting against the evil regime of Hydra and various Nazis, but Death Throws are a group of jugglers who use their juggling props as weapons. These are the people you'd see on a college campus and immediately avoid because you knew they were lame. They look even lamer when they are trying to attack one of the world's most respected and decorated soldiers with their juggling abilities.

Sure, maybe in another context Death Throws could be scary, and if they existed in real life, they'd be incredibly formidable. But you have to understand that Captain America has made a living punching Nazis in the face. In his first comic book cover, Cap was seen punching Adolf Hitler in the face. Do you really think a group of five jugglers is going to do him in? Sure, they might be juggling some pretty dangerous weaponry, like bombs and molotov cocktails, but they are still jugglers. Enough said.

12 Baron Blood

Now, if the previous villains didn't seem scary because of how weak or silly they are, Baron Blood would have to be considered one of Captain America's more ridiculous enemies. We're sure that just by looking at his name, you can tell where this is going. We'll give you a small, tiny, little hint — who likes to drink blood?

You guessed it! Baron Blood is an ageless vampire who recruited Dracula himself to imbue him with vampiric powers. Once bitten, Baron Blood ravaged the streets of England, terrorizing its citizens with his vampiric thirst for blood. Do you get it now? Vampires drink blood... his name is Baron Blood... kind of hitting it right on the nose there, aren't you, Marvel?

Oh, additionally Baron Blood used Nazi technology to help reduce his susceptibility to sunlight, one of a vampire's weaknesses. Great, a Nazi vampire. What more could you possibly throw at this character? Maybe this is a perfect time for the werewolf version of Captain America to show up.

11 Americop

Another foe with the "Ameri" prefix to his name. It's almost as if not everyone has the same American values as Captain America. Anyway this dude was a cop but he retired because he felt like being just a cop wasn't enough. He then became a vigilante and named himself Americop to fight injustice, but he takes it to an extreme that Captain America doesn't approve of. Americop is kind of similar to The Punisher, except The Punisher is at least 400x more badass.

Americop has no super-human powers or abilities; just a few guns and knives, a pickup truck, and bulletproof Kevlar body armor. So literally any of us could be this guy if we were motivated enough. Though you probably shouldn't do it. Not only is it highly illegal to be a murderous vigilante, Americop is killed off pretty easily in the Civil War storyline, and was simply used as a pawn in a plan much larger than himself.

10 Flag-Smasher


Don't you do it! Don't you smash that dang flag, Flag-Smasher! That's the symbol of our country! Betsy Ross worked real hard creating that flag for us, so you better not smash it! Smashing that flag would be really mean!

How do you even "smash" a flag? Don't you rip them? Wouldn't smashing them effectively do nothing? Imagine punching a flag on the ground. How long do you think it would take before it's destroyed?

All kidding aside, Flag-Smasher has a pretty legit goal of destroying the concept of countries and nationalism that makes people feel superior to others simply because of the country they live in. Unfortunately, Flag-Smasher went about doing this via terrorism and brutality. It's a highly philosophical goal that could result in a very interesting debate, but Flag-Smasher resorts to violence instead of diplomacy (which is ironic because he was once a Swiss diplomat).

Unfortunately, Flag-Smasher was also saddled with the name Flag-Smasher, which is probably the most blatant and "on-the-nose" named villain in modern comics. Or so you think, until you realize who is next on this list...

9 Hate-Monger

Jeez, where to begin with this dude. Well, first of all, his name is Hate-Monger. It doesn't get more clear than that. There is no subtlety when it comes to using the name Hate-Monger to introduce yourself to fellow bad guys or heroes. "Hello, I'm Hate-Monger." Gee, wonder what side he's on. Don't think Hate-Monger will be joining The Avengers any time soon.

Hate-Monger gets more ridiculous when you realize he's a clone of Adolf Hitler himself. That's right, someone went ahead and cloned Adolf Hitler! Honestly, they should have just let him keep the name Adolf Hitler. Is there a name more synonymous with evil? Oh yeah, probably "Hate-Monger." Touché

Anyway, Hate-Monger is essentially a being of pure energy, and can take just about any form or shape it wants. Plus Hate-Monger is armed with his patented "Hate-Ray" which causes its victim to... hate. That sounds pretty simplistic, but tit's really the best definition of what this weapon does.

8 Jack O'Lantern

What a hilarious play on words! Do you get it, or is the humor just too subtle? Jack O'Lantern is not just one person; it's actually a mantle that many people have donned. And while Jack O'Lantern is mainly a Spider-Man villain, Jack and Cap have tussled more than a few times. Each of those times saw Jack O'Lantern get his butt handed to him. Captain America doesn't seem to be too afraid of Halloween costumes.

Let's talk about the outfit: a pumpkin head and generally a green spandex-y looking bodysuit. Nailed it. But there is much more than meets the eye-- the suit is bulletproof and the helmet is bulletproof and all that jazz. Jack O'Lantern uses various mind-bending and hallucinogenic chemicals to terrorize his enemies, making him somewhat similar to the Batman villain Scarecrow, who uses mind-altering chemicals to defeat his foes.

As cool as all of that sounds, you can't escape the fact that this dude is named Jack O'Lantern and has a big pumpkin head.

7 Master Man

What is with these terrible names? Master Man is a Nazi that is given the Nazi version of the Super Soldier Serum, which actually makes him stronger than Captain America, but this version of the serum is more unstable, which causes him to revert back to his normal, frail self from time to time.

He was given the name Master Man as a play on the Nazis' belief that they were the "master race." He also married a super hero named Warrior Woman at Adolf Hitler's insistence, with the idea being they would have children that would lead to the creation of a new "master race." Look at that, Adolf Hitler turned out to be a pretty legit wingman.

Anyway, the wedding never happened because conflict broke out during the service and Master Man is routinely beaten by the powers of good, because that's what happens when you're a Nazi, generally.

6 Batroc the Leaper


Despite the incredibly silly name, Batroc the Leaper has somehow become one of Captain America's more recognizable foes. And why? Because he can leap.

Obviously there's more to it than that, as Batroc the Leaper is a skilled mercenary and is said to posses peak human abilities, including strength, agility, expert understandings of several martial arts, and of course, leaping abilities. He's an adept hand-to-hand combat specialist and can speak various different languages, but instead of going by something more intimidating, he decided to go by Batroc the Leaper.

Hell, even if he went by simply "Batroc" that would have been cool enough. Surely this was a case of him displaying his abilities and someone else gave him the name, "Batroc the Leaper." Surely he objected to this with something like, "How about Batroc the Destroyer, or something?" But unfortunately for Batroc, the name just kind of stuck, and he is forever known for his leaping abilities. Shame, because he's actually a pretty skilled villain, but that name is just atrocious.

5 Moonstone/Nefarious

Let's get this out of the way — both of these names are garbage. Nefarious? That's like a bad guy naming himself "Evil." Moonstone comes from the fact that this dude got his powers from, you guessed it, a moon stone.

Anyway, Lloyd Bloch got fantastic powers from a moon stone, but the stone caused him to have a psychotic breakdown after using them for a while. He then resurfaced as Nefarious after having mutant powers given to him by Dr. Kenneth Sturdy.

Lloyd Bloch's main goal is not to defeat Captain America in hand-to-hand combat or with weaponry, but to expose him as a fraud, stating that he doesn't represent true American values, and he tries to get the public to reject Cap as a symbol of their virtues. It's more of an ideological battle. He aims to discredit Captain America and many other heroes. This is philosophically interesting, but when you're used to superheroes duking it out, the concept leaves a lot to be desired.

4 Porcupine

Porcupine was once known as Alexander Gentry, a weaponry expert and designer. Gentry went full villain when he decided to design a suit of body armor that was meant to resemble a porcupine. After successfully creating this armored suit, Porcupine went on to unsuccessfully battle Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, and several other heroes.

Who knows what makes a supervillain's design stick while some others are just incredibly lame, but Porcupine is an animal that simply isn't ripe for costume design. It's not a particularly intimidating creature, more known for its defensive skills, so this character was doomed from the start. Sure, it's kosher to create bad guys from scary animals like Rhino or Vulture, but there can't be too many people having nightmares about porcupines.

Mr. Gentry, maybe next time you should design your weapons and body armor after a more intimidating animal. How about a snake? Or a bee? There must be more people afraid of bees than porcupines. Even if porcupines are more dangerous, people are terrified of bees! Pit-bulls! Just spitballing for you, Mr. Gentry.

3 Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw is one of those comic book characters that we don't look back on fondly. Partly because the nature of the character is just not that impressive, but mainly because the name and look of the character is kind of racist. This is definitely one of those characters that if he were created now, there would be some major backlash.

Yellow Claw is the name of a Chinese criminal mastermind who seeks to spread the evil philosophy of communism around the world. Captain America just can't stand for that, as it is simply un-American. Yellow Claw has special magic abilities, is a master of several martial arts, and a highly-intelligent political philosopher and biologist. He looks to take over the West for China. To do so, he's partnered with various evil organizations like the Nazis, an ancient Egyptian princess who was hellbent on conquest, and Hydra-- a real who's who of the main Captain America villainous organizations.

His appearance shows him with yellow skin, a fu manchu mustache, and a very skinny frame. Once you put the picture of him together with his name, you will shudder.

2 Tumbler


A costumed criminal acrobat. That is how this character is described. Imagine if one of those Cirque Du Soleil performers decided to get into a life of crime. That's what we are talking about here. Because of this character's ties to acrobatics, the creators couldn't help but name the character Tumbler.

The original Tumbler (there have been four people who wanted to carry this mantle. SMDH) was John Keane, an expert acrobat who broke into the Avengers mansion. Not a good idea, idiot. The only power you have is being acrobatic, so you want to piss off not just one superhero, but a team of them? The balls on this dude.

Captain America easily beat the crap out of this guy, as one might expect. Later, Tumbler was shot and killed by Moonstone/Nefarious and framed Captain America for the death. Tumbler was the pawn in another lame villain's master plan. It's gotta suck to know you're that low on the totem pole.

1 Everyman

Larry Ekler is known as Everyman. Everyman sought to prove himself to be the hero the common people of America needed, after deciding the American Dream was a sham. He wanted to stick up for the poor and hardworking, and in order to do that, he thought the best idea was to... kill Captain America in public?

Everyman challenged Cap to a fight 'til the death at the Statue of Liberty (how fitting), where he lost handily, mainly because he has no super powers and his only piece of weaponry is a sword that shoots energy beams.

Surely if this character existed in real life, the American public would tell this dude that he doesn't represent them and that he didn't need to fight Captain America. Stay at home, Larry. It's all good, bud. We don't need you getting walloped by a real superhero.

Everyman's only real threat are his weapons, and he only has the sword and a device called the "Absorbascann", which is just as useless as it sounds.


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