'The World's End': Cornetto Trilogy Tie-Ins, References, & Cameos


Intentional or not, Wright's and Pegg's scripts all contain one defining moment or quality that sums up the plot of each film; they're not direct and overt, but they're there, and they're a lot of fun to pick out.

Ed, for example, synopsizes Shaun of the Dead early on when comforting Shaun following his split with Liz: "We'll have a Bloody Mary first thing. Bite at the King's Head. Grab a couple at The Little Princess, stagger back here, and bang! We're up at the bar for shots."  And that's exactly what happens - they kill the zombie girl in the garden ("Mary"), Phillip gets bitten, they save Dave, Dianne, and Liz, they shamble around like undead, and they shoot zombies at the Winchester.

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