World of Warcraft: New Expansion Adds Playable Fox Race

New Fox Race

Two new races have been announced for World of Warcraft, including the adorable fox-like Vulpera. First released in 2004 and arguably responsible for an entire generation's worth of imitators, World of Warcraft was once the most popular video game of all time, and even the recent World of Warcraft: Classic was played so much upon release that many people were unable to access the game due to clogged servers. With WoW streamers currently passing Fortnite in terms of viewer popularity, Blizzard's MMO has surprisingly remained one of the most consistently played online games on the market, even after being available for so long.

One of the best aspects of WoW is how different classes can determine how a player experiences the game, with players constantly arguing over which Warcraft class is more fun than others. Although World of Warcraft: Classic returned what was lost to the fantasy RPG after years of tweaks and updates diluted the experience for some gamers, a recent video proves Blizzard is also hard at work on the playable races and classes which will populate WoW's future.

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According to a report by Kotaku, the newest update to World of Warcraft will contain two new playable races to choose from. The Vulpera, shown above, are anthropomorphic fox creatures allied to the Horde which hail from the Vol'dun region, introduced in the game's last expansion titled Battle for Azeroth. The other new race is the Mechagnomes, small-statured cybernetic gnomes who live on Mechagon Island and periodically replace their body parts with machinery. Both new races can be found in the video below, along with additional information about the game's upcoming expansion.

This video is from World of Warcraft's official YouTube page and shows off both of the new races included in the update, which will be titled Visions of N'Zoth. The video also describes, in great detail, the various changes and eccentricities which will accompany the free update when it hits test servers later today, including how evil corruption has spread outward from the N'Zoth invasion, why players will experience horrific hallucinations, and why eldritch abominations are coming to WoW.

For a game which has been consistently played and updated for over a decade and a half, World of Warcraft clearly knows how to keep their fans happy. While Blizzard has historically released expansion packs in two year increments, with Battle for Azeroth coming two years after Legion, which itself came two years after Warlords of Draenor, it seems like this time players will thankfully not have to wait as long between updates. Although still under the Azeroth title, Visions of N'Zoth appears to pack nearly as much content as a full expansion would, with new enemies, new plot lines, and two new races to play as, and anyone hoping to step into the boots of a mechanized gnome or the paws of a Vulpera shouldn't have much longer to wait.

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Source: Kotaku/YouTube(World of Warcraft)

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