World of Warcraft To Be Directed By Sam Raimi?

Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News has been hard at work in recent weeks tracking down and verifying a very interesting piece of information: The director for the upcoming film adaptation of the biggest MMO ever, Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft, will be Sam Raimi.

We all know Sam Raimi for his Evil Dead films, the three Spider-Man films (and the upcoming Spider-Man 4) and more recently for his well-received horror movie from earlier this summer, Drag Me to Hell.

The man has an insane amount of feature film projects in development and as we don’t know of any official dates for the production schedule of World of Warcraft, we don’t know when exactly we could be seeing this.

We do know that the fourth Spidey installment is set for a release date on May 6, 2011 and that Raimi’s been talking up another Evil Dead film in recent months. With this announcement of his involvement with WoW, that could push the Evil Dead project further away to the dismay of Bruce Campbell fans everywhere.

Don’t fret too much though, Campbell will likely have another guest cameo role in the next Spider-Man!

With Drag Me to Hell, Raimi went back to his horror roots and now he’ll be back working in the superhero side of things, only to move into the fantasy epic realm. World of Warcraft will have a very very large budget and it’ll be interesting to see what Raimi can do with an unlimited sandbox of characters, stories, landscapes and visuals to play with.

There’s a limitless potential here to make something very special and entirely new. I wouldn't be surprised to see a massive film franchise spawn out of this if Raimi kicks it off to a strong start. Not a stretch considering the built-in fanbase who pay a monthly subscription to play the game.

Would you like to see a feature film based on World of Warcraft and is Raimi a good pick to helm it?


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Source: AICN

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