New 'World War Z,' 'White House Down' & 'The World's End' Posters

'World War Z' poster

The first month of the summer movie season is gearing up for a potentially record-breaking box office take, with both Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover Part III released this Memorial Day weekend. However, lest we forget, there are still a ton of big-budget thrill rides heading to theaters in the coming months. Each week, audiences are faced with loads of new options for what they can spend their hard-earned cash seeing on the big screen.

However, as competition continues to gain momentum, it's more important than ever for studios to push the films they have coming out in mid and late summer and get them established with the general movie-going public. Sure, franchise films like Man of Steel and The Wolverine have built-in audiences that they can invest in, but what about films that don't have an established character or series to help them remain top of mind with prospective audiences.

Now's the time for these prospective blockbusters to ramp up their marketing efforts, and a trio of them - namely, World War Z, White House Down and The World's End - have just released new posters to do just that.

Check them out below (click to enlarge):

'World War Z' poster

'White House Down' poster

'The World's End' poster

All three of these posters effectively tout the stars at the center of the action (and The World's End does a particularly good job teasing its pub crawl premise), but World War Z takes the popular approach of showing its lead character in an ominous, contemplative position surveying the destruction. Of the three releases, the Brad Pitt zombie apocalypse film may actually have the hardest time finding an audience. The film's marketing has largely downplayed the zombie element of its plot in an effort to appeal more to the masses, but this may backfire instead, leaving the average moviegoer with an unclear vision of the film. Talk of extensive re-shoots also doesn't bode well for the finished product, though early reviews appear to be positive.

Likewise, White House Down is doomed to face comparisons to this year's other "attack on the White House" film, Olympus Has Fallen. However, the combined appeal of Channing Tatum - riding high on last year's Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street momentum - and Jamie Foxx (who has stayed in the news due to his villainous role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2) should keep the film afloat going into July 4th weekend. Meanwhile, The World's End will appeal to fans of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, provided that audiences aren't sick of alien invasions (This is the End, Pacific Rim) by the end of the summer.


World War Z arrives in theaters on June 21, 2013, followed by White House Down on June 28, 2013 and The World's End on August 23, 2013.

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