World War Z Movie Franchise May Be Dead, But Its Video Game Isn't

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With a release date set for 2019, Saber Interactive has revealed new features for their World War Z video game. In a push to make it clear this PvP game will be different from the ones that have come before it, especially those based on apocalyptic, zombie-ridden narratives like The Walking Dead or Resident Evil franchises, Saber is upping the ante for World War Z with features that will no doubt entice gamers.

Despite the fact that the World War Z film, which was set to star Brad Pitt and have David Fincher directing, is no longer going forward after years of delays and drama, Saber is confident in their adaptation of Max Brooks' novel of the same name into a solid video game. Much like the book and the 2013 film, the World War Z game will follow survivors of a global zombie apocalypse as they team up and scour deserted cities like New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem to collect supplies and defeat the undead.

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Courtesy of a Saber press release, prospective gamers now have a better idea of what features they can deploy in what Saber is calling their PvPvZ (that's "player vs. player vs. zombie" to the rest of us) World War Z game. Features name-checked in the release include: Scavenge Raid, which lets players race to grab secure resources across the game's map in order to win; Vaccine Hunt, where players can grab and hold objects to earn points for their team; Swarm Deathmatch, which allows human teams to battle with each other; Swarm Domination,  which lets teams capture a zone and win points; and finally, King of the Hill, which lets teams capture a hill and dominate from that key vantage point. Many of these features can also be seen in Saber's latest trailer for World War Z and which you can watch below:

It's been previously reported that one of the key differences between Saber's World War Z and other zombie games is that the zombies of World War Z will be fast-moving and blood-thirstier than ever - a trait similar to the zombies of the World War Z film. This means that the zombies in Saber's version will be able to overwhelm teams, reportedly able to swarm in groups of up to 1,000 that will pose a big challenge to players as they make their way through the game. Even better, thanks to a demo released back in June 2018, gamers got a look at the structure and gameplay in a World War Z demo courtesy of IGN and it was revealed that the game would be released in its entirety (rather than released in installments, as is the case with other franchises), will include a four-player co-op function, and will be structured episodically to expand on the film's narrative.

All of this points to an exciting, heart-pounding entry in what has undoubtedly become a stale and arguably derivative genre of not only video games, but movies and TV shows as well. Saber seems intent on injecting new life in the respective world of zombies and PvP games, which means there's potential for this to be one of the more well-received games of 2019 with the possibility of expansion further down the line. All in all, fans of World War Z can stop lamenting the cancellation of a World War Z sequel and instead, get ready for this refreshing video game take on a cult-favorite story.

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Source: Saber Interactive

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