World War Z Is Too Much For These Streamers To Handle

World War Z video game zombies

A new trailer for World War Z highlights internet streamers' reactions to the game's zombie action. Now that the video game adaptation of World War Z is finally out in the wild, the co-op shooter has proven to be a popular destination for fans of non-stop zombie multiplayer. A humorous new trailer shows off a bunch of internet streamers losing their minds over the impressive visuals and situations presented in the game.

World War Z, like the movie it's loosely based on, is defined by its unique depiction of the undead; unlike tradition zombie media, reanimated corpses in World War Z aren't slow shamblers, but an ant-like horde who run and climb in their quest for human flesh. It's a striking visual which also feeds into the fast-paced gameplay.  World War Z features hundreds of zombies on screen at once, and players are frequently tasked with gunning down every single creature before they can progress through the level.

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A new post-release trailer for the video game of World War Z showcases the reactions of internet streamers to the high-octane scenarios presented by the four-player shooter. From tearing down walls of undead climbing over each other with single-minded purpose to running through the conspicuously spacious sewers of New York while zombies literally rain down from above, the trailer is a thrilling look at some of World War Z's signature moments as seen through the eyes of internet streamers.

World War Z, despite some launch day woes and occasionally unstable network performance, is proving to be a successful endeavor for developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive. The title launched to a positive critical reception and has already sold over one million copies. Saber has promised more content for the game is on the way, including a new level for the Tokyo episode and a new zombie type.

There are some games where streamers' over-the-top reactions seem overblown or less than genuine. World War Z is not one of those games. It so fully realizes the movie's visuals of a full-on swarm of monsters, it's hard to play the game without freaking out at the spectacle unfolding onscreen, especially when a distant horde quickly closes the distance and becomes an immediate threat from which players must defend themselves, frequently surviving only by the skin of their teeth.

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World War Z is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2019. For more information, visit the official website:

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