• World War Z's Medic Class might be the most versatile class in the game! 1 / 8

    World War Z Logo Vertical
  • It doesn't throw grenades, but its special item is even more useful. 2 / 8

    World War Z New York Vertical
  • The Stim Pistol gives a temporary shield to whomever it's used on! 3 / 8

    World War Z Rocket Launcher Vertical
  • It's like bonus health, and can save a life in a pinch! 4 / 8

    World War Z Zombie Wall Vertical
  • With an upgrade, The Medic also gains bonus health when they use a Stim Pistol. 5 / 8

  • With proper upgrades, the Medic can revive and heal allies, even while under attack! 6 / 8

    World War Z Combat Vertical
  • The Medic is vital to any WWZ team worth its salt! 7 / 8

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