World War Z 2: David Fincher Still Working on Film's 'Mythology'

World War Z 2 director David Fincher has given a quick update on the progress of the sequel. The original World War Z was based on the acclaimed novel by Max Brooks, which detailed the oral history of a global zombie outbreak from the perspective of various survivors. It was a book bursting with creative set pieces and likeable characters, but the 2013 movie ended up jettisoning most of it.

The film instead focused on Brad Pitt’s hero as he raced across the world to find a cure for a sudden zombie epidemic. World War Z felt a little hamstrung by its PG-13 rating, but on its own terms it had some intense action sequences and it was definitely unique to see a zombie movie with such an epic scope. Fans were shocked when it was announced David Fincher – who has shied away from blockbusters following his nightmarish Alien 3 experience – signed on for the sequel.

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Fincher is taking his time developing the project, but in a new interview with Little White Lies, he offered an update on World War Z 2, stating "We’re trying. A lot of stones have been laid. We’re just deconstructing it right now against the mythology that exists to see where we can go." This chimes with his previous comments about developing the movie, where wants to make sure the story is right before diving into production

Gerry Lane in World War Z

World War Z 2 doesn’t currently have a filming or release date set, and it sounds like the studio is giving Fincher a lot of creative leeway. The long development time may also be a reaction to the original movie, which ran into a lot of problems during filming. Brad Pitt is also said to have clashed with director Marc Forster during the shoot, and the entire third act was reshot on the suggestion of writer Damon Lindelof. While critics smelled blood in the water prior to release due to the behind the scenes drama, the movie proved to be a surprisingly enjoyable blockbuster and it made the studio a tidy profit.

The real attraction of the sequel will be watching what Fincher brings to it. The director has proven again and again to be one of the most distinctive voices in modern cinema, so the idea of a studio letting him loose on a major tentpole release should ensure World War Z 2 is anything but generic. Hopefully, he will use some more of the original novel too, as there's still a lot of great material there that the first movie didn't cover.

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We'll keep you updated on World War Z 2 as more information arrives.

Source: Little White Lies

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