World War Z Trailer Showcases Priest Looking For Divine Retribution

World War Z Popov Trailer

The newly-released World War Z game has unveiled the final character trailer for its robust cast of playable heroes, introducing the world to Popov, the Russian criminal-turned-priest. Popov is one of several different characters who will look to stem the madness of a world going to undead hell over the course of the game’s story.

World War Z is a new four-player co-operative shooter that’s inspired by the 2013 movie adaptation of Max Brooks’ bestselling novel. The game tells the story of different groups of survivors as they navigate the apocalypse in different famous areas, such as Moscow and Tokyo. World War Z focuses heavily on creating an emotional connection between its players and the characters they are inhabiting on screen, tying the tragedy of the world to their own personal backstories as they struggle to survive by completing mission objectives and fending off scores of zombies.

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The final World War Z character trailer focuses on the Russian priest Popov, a character who at first glance appears to be similar to many of the others that comprise the game’s cast before the revelation that he’s a man of the cloth. Popov began life as a criminal and survived a bloody shoot-out, appearing to find God in the aftermath. He then took up priesthood, acknowledging that heaven is no longer a possibility for him but looking to save those who still have a chance.

Little did Popov know it would be literally saving people, and it was even less likely he knew it would be from undead hordes. The trailer shows that Popov can still fight when he needs to, as he smashes a zombie’s skull in with a cross to protect a child from his church. Popov’s story is interesting in that he is clearly a man full of conflict and inner strife, which will need to be resolved during the struggles against the zombie hordes.

Popov wraps up a cast that looks to be incredibly fascinating at launch. Zombie games have already put us in the shoes of several grizzled survivors before, but they often skimp on the backstory required to really care about them. With World War Z, it appears the game is building outward from its characters despite offering some equally tantalizing co-op gameplay, and that might go a long way in keeping fans invested in what the game has to offer.

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World War Z is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, visit the official website:

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