World War Z Adds New Mission, Enemy Type Soon

World War Z Co Op New York

A new Tokyo level and enemy type are set to be added to World War Z in May. Barring a rocky launch marred by recurring connectivity problems, World War Z has proven to be a critical and commercial hit for developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive. An ambitious co-op multiplayer shooter loosely based on the universe of the 2013 film, World War Z has leveraged its positive reception to the tune of over one million copies sold across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Now that the game has proven to be a success, Saber Interactive is working both on repairing the game's increasingly stable network connectivity issues and — more excitingly — creating new content for World War Z in the form of additional levels and enemy types.

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World War Z will now get its first new chapter release in May with a new Tokyo chapter, though details on the level are being kept secret for now. The level was teased in a post by the World War Z Twitter account, which suggests the level will be set (at least partially) on a large cruise ship off the coast of Japan. Each episode in the game features a different cast of characters, so presumably, the new level will be "chapter three" in the Tokyo episode and is likely to feature the same cast of characters from that episode.

World War Z Tokyo Free DLC Level

In addition to the new Tokyo level, May 2019 will also see the release of a new zombie type, though what makes this new critter special remains shrouded in mystery. Alongside a piece of concept art, the World War Z Twitter teased, "the virus spread by this one is known to quickly take over new hosts." Whatever the case may be, this new zombie type will be retroactively sprinkled throughout the base campaign of World War Z, adding a new variable for dogged players who have already conquered the zombie apocalypse on the hardest difficulty modes. In another tweet, Saber Interactive confirmed that the level and new enemy type will be free for all players, and a roadmap for upcoming content is in the works.

It's still early days for World War Z, but Saber Interactive seems to be making all the right moves; being transparent on social media, working to fix the game's connection errors, and promising new, free content for players thirsty for more zombie-killing action. If the next content continues to bear the same standard of excellence that the base game did, World War Z could quickly find itself one of the more popular multiplayer options on the market.

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