World War Z Launch Trailer Emphasizes Co-Op Fun

World War Z Launch Trailer

The newly-released World War Z game has unveiled its launch trailer, and the emphasis is completely on the way the game is meant to be enjoyed as a co-op title. World War Z has been getting several different character trailers in anticipation of its launch, but this is the first trailer in some time that has been purely action-focused, and the wait has been well worth it.

World War Z is a brand new four-player co-operative shooter that draws inspiration from the 2013 movie adaptation of Max Brooks’ bestselling novel. The game will focus on the stories of different groups of survivors as they push through world-famous cities like Tokyo and Jerusalem, only to find them haunting in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. That won’t limit the game’s action, however, which will prioritize fast hordes of zombies that need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent the group of survivors from being wiped out.

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The new launch trailer for World War Z shows off exactly what fans can expect from the game’s vaunted combat system and co-op designs. While the pace of play is noticeably a little slower than one might expect from a World War Z game, since the film featured quick zombies, the design decision allows for players to work better in a collaborative sense. It also lets them set up rocket launchers blasts or close-quarters melee combat, and it appears to pay off in the brief snippets we see during the trailer.

Of course, the game also advertises that there will be a reason to check out its story, too. The new trailer promotes narratively-driven co-op episodes that will unravel the stories of some of the characters we’ve already met over the build-up to its launch, like Popov the Russian priest or Angel the ex-gangster. How each of those characters deals with the apocalypse will be a major selling point in a genre that has been quickly dominated by nameless-faceless grizzled survivors who deal with tragedy by blowing it up.

While gaming has no shortage of fun zombie shooters, World War Z is innovative in the sense that it seems to have paid equal attention to its characters and its gameplay. Hopefully that design decision pays off as much as it looks like it will in the launch trailer, with just the right amount of gory, frenetic fun combined with a drive to survive and see how the characters react to their circumstances.

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World War Z is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, visit the official website:

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