• The World War Z video game has finally released! 1 / 8

    World War Z Logo Vertical
  • With a team of friends, World War Z is a blast to play! 2 / 8

    World War Z Co Op Cast Vertical
  • Non-stop explosive action is the order of the day. 3 / 8

    World War Z Rocket Launcher Vertical
  • The movie's zombie hordes are faithfully replicated in the game. 4 / 8

    World War Z Zombie Wall Vertical
  • It's buggy and we had a few crashes. 5 / 8

    World War Z New York Vertical
  • The gameplay is functional, if perhaps a bit too basic. 6 / 8

    World War Z Combat Vertical
  • In a world without Left 4 Dead, World War Z is king! 7 / 8

    World War Z Co Op Action Vertical
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