World War Z's Gameplay Demo Actually Looks Really Fun

A new gameplay demo for Saber Interactive's World War Z adaptation has released online. The game is a spinoff of Marc Forster's 2013 film of the same name starring Brad Pitt and based on the book by Max Brooks. Although the upcoming game is technically based on the book as well, it has much more in common with the blockbuster movie.

Zombie games frequently try to breathe new life into the genre, typically through in-depth survival modes, emotional storytelling, and bizarre weapons crafting. World War Z hopes to be the next innovator in this genre with the sheer number of zombies that players have to face at any given moment. The game was previously promised to provide players with the chance to face off against up to 1,000 zombies at once. A previous trailer released late last month depicting scenes in which hordes of zombies swarm around the player, even in narrow spaces, making the fight for survival that much more difficult. World War Z will also have co-op capabilities, which always heightens the experience of survival games. However, if you're playing alone, there are no bots in World War Z to serve as allies.

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Saber Interactive released a brand new demo featuring a sneak peek at the gameplay for their upcoming World War Z video game today at E3 2018, which can be viewed in the section above. Game designer Oliver Hollis revealed lots of fun details about the game to IGN's Daemon Hatfield, including a four-player co-op function and an episodic storyline that expands on the film's narrative. The game itself will release as a whole, however, not one episode at a time.

Hollis revealed a key difference between World War Z and many other zombie titles: This game strays away from the typical horror survival format. Rather than scrounge for weapons and food, players will have a seemingly endless supply of resources at their fingertips ... which will be necessary to combat the unprecedented number of enemies players will face at any given time. The game definitely looks like a frantic change of pace from more traditional zombie games, and that's not a bad thing.

Another distinction that makes World War Z particularly interesting is its very close ties to the film. While each chapter in the game focuses on a new location and a new set of characters, the game is actually set in the film's universe. The developers struck a deal with Paramount Pictures to be able to create a crossover between the two mediums. This crossover does, include World War Z's infamous "pile of zombies" aesthetic, naturally.

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Source: IGN

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