'World War Z' Set Pics Reveal Brad Pitt On A Boat

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Brad Pitt will traverse his way around the globe in the upcoming World War Z adaptation. The $125 million project stars the A-lister as U.N. worker Gerry Lane, a man who interviews survivors of a global zombie epidemic that devastated the world some ten years prior.

Previous amateur photos from the World War Z set revealed Pitt and Co. filming in the Republic of Malta, which is standing in for Israel. Now the production has moved onward to the UK, where shooting is currently taking place in the harbors of Cornwall, England.

A handful of new World War Z set images made their way online over the weekend, revealing Pitt and a collection of extras bundled up in winter gear, standing atop a salvage vessel that had been decked out in wax and fake icicles. More fan-shot photos of the England shoot have popped up since, showing the cast and crew hanging out atop a rusting battleship (minus the wintery atmosphere).

Check out all those World War Z set pics (via MTV and STYD) in the gallery below:

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Between the many post-zombpocalyptic thrillers due to hit the big screen in the future (Resident Evil 5, Warm Bodies, Zombies Vs. Robots, etc.) and the continued success of AMC's The Walking Dead, it'll be all the more challenging for any upcoming movie or TV show that concerns the flesh-eating undead to stand out above the rest of the crowd. World War Z could actually manage the task, if only because director Marc Forster appears to be embracing the realistic vibe of Max Brooks' original novel - which is structured as a very authentic collection of testimonies from survivors of the war between humans and zombies.

The dry nature of Brooks' literature has left some people skeptical about how engaging a World War Z movie can actually be. It should be mentioned, though, that a good chunk of the film will likely be composed of either flashbacks to the violence and mayhem of the war - or, to following Pitt's character, as he travels the world and surveys the aftermath of the zombie outbreak. Suffice to say: it won't just be Pitt's U.N. worker interviewing people, a la Brooks' novel.

In addition to having Pitt as its leading man, World War Z also boasts a supporting cast full of respectable TV stars like Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman from The Killing, James Badge Dale from The Pacific, and now Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. Assuming the screenplay by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom) is up to scratch, this could be a memorable zombie flick in its own right.

World War Z is expected to reach theaters sometime in 2012.

Source: MTV, STYD

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