What's the Best Class and Weapon in World War Z?

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World War Z features six classes and twenty-seven different weapons, eighteen of which can be upgraded multiple times; we're here to help players pick out the best ones for their playstyle. The video game adaptation of World War Z is proving to be exceptionally popular, to the tune of roughly two million copies sold in just a month, as well as a presumably lucrative Epic Store exclusivity deal.

A co-op multiplayer zombie shooter, World War Z pits teams of four against thousands of zombies in each level. Fortunately, human survivors are armed with an arsenal of high-powered weaponry to take on the undead hordes. Players can fight back with anything from machetes and chainsaws to explosive sniper rifles and automatic shotguns. With a bit of luck and a lot of teamwork, a well-equipped group of players can make it through even the most dangerous chokepoints without too much hassle.

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In addition to tons of weapons, World War Z also features six distinct classes with their own abilities. In the early game, they don't feel different from one another, but as players begin leveling up, they become more unique, and teams brave enough to tackle higher difficulties will need to mix up their approach in order to have a fighting chance to survive.

The Best Weapons In World War Z

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For the most part, the guns in World War Z are versatile and there are very few "scrappy tier" weapons. That being said, stay away from the Revolver; it's trash. Not including "heavy" weapons, most guns have variants across three tiers, with the high-tier incarnations being less common, but generally more powerful. That's not to say tier 1 weapons are useless; the base Shotgun, Scout Rifle, and Compact SMG are excellent in the right hands. The Shotgun is particularly satisfying once upgraded. It's hard to pick a single weapon which triumphs above all others, and most fireteams will be best suited by employing a variety of different tools; a four-person team armed with a Combat Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Assault Carbine, and Crossbow can essentially cover all the bases. It's best to experiment with all sorts of weapons and come up with one's own favorites.

If we must choose, our favorites include the Combat Shotgun, the Sniper Rifle, and the Sporting Combine. The Combat Shotgun is reasonably effective at medium range, but point-blank shots make for easy multi-kills, making it effective for crowd control. The Sniper Rifle has exceptional range for picking off Gasbag zombies before their toxic death cloud can harm allies, and World War Z is the type of fast-paced shooter which allows players to use hip-fire just as effectively as aiming down the sights, so the Sniper isn't just for extreme range. Finally, the Sporting Combine can be upgraded to support a 30-round magazine and fires in a semi-auto mode, making it perfect for maximum zombie-killing efficiency. All three of these weapons are Tier 2 guns, meaning they're fairly common to find in the field.

The Best Class In World War Z

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As previously mentioned, the six classes are all pretty much interchangeable in the early levels. A good strategy would be to work them all up to level 12, at which point each class has the ability to upgrade their maximum health by 25%. Beyond that, and once the difficulty is cranked to Hard or above, that's where things get interesting.

On Hard or above, it's essential to mix up the classes. A good squad needs a Fixer and a Medic. Fixers can drop supply bags which contain explosive ammo, giving a severe boost to friendly stopping power. Meanwhile, Medics can quickly revive allies, have access to the precious Stim Pistol, and heal more with each use of a Medkit. While we encourage the other two players to mix it up as any of the other classes, there's certainly a case to be made that a team of two Fixers and two Medics can hold the line while also having significant defensive capabilities. World War Z looks like a shallow zombie action extravaganza, but cranking up the difficulty and experimenting with weapons and classes reveals a much deeper experience than a first glance might suggest.

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