'World of Warcraft' Movie Gets a New Writer

World of Warcraft Gets a New Screenwriter

Sam Raimi may no longer be directing the World of Warcraft movie, but that doesn't mean that Legendary Entertainment has given up on the film. The studio has reportedly hired Charles Leavitt to write a new script for the project with the hope of attaching a new director in the next few months.

Leavitt most recently scripted The Seventh Son for Legendary, an adaptation of the popular fantasy book The Spook's Apprentice. That film, which stars Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) started shooting earlier this year.

Variety was the first to report that Leavitt had signed on for World of Warcraft. A previous draft of the screenplay was written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), but it's unlikely that any of the former work will be carried over in the new draft.

Leavitt's hiring is the first bit of good news the movie has had in a long time. An accomplished screenwriter with multiple high-profile movies under his belt, including the excellent 2008 film Blood Diamond, Leavitt may be able to provide the spark the film needs to attract another A-List director. When Raimi dropped off the project, it was surely a disappointment for the studio. There aren't many directors of Raimi's stature out there, but a fresh start may be just what this movie needs to finally get going.

Though there have been mixed opinions about the merits of a World of Warcraft film (including doubts from this writer), it would be impossible to argue that the massively popular video game doesn't offer tons of interesting plot possibilities. Granted, the source material isn't up to the caliber of The Lord of the Rings, but any fan of the series can probably list a dozen possibilities off the top of their head.

Are you excited to learn that the World of Warcraft movie is getting back on track? What direction do you think Leavitt will go with the script? If you're a WoW player, share some of your ideas for the movie in the comments.

Source: Variety

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