Woody Allen Planning To Shoot New Movie In Spain

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Director Woody Allen is shooting a new movie in Spain, just weeks after suing Amazon for shelving his last film A Rainy Day In New York. Allen shot Rainy Day In New York two years ago with Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning in starring roles, but the film has yet to see the light of day after Amazon elected not to release it. Chalamet has since apologized for working with Allen, and donated his salary from the film to Time’s Up.

Amazon gave no official reason for shelving Allen’s film, but in his $68 million lawsuit the director claims they told him they were pulling the movie from release over concerns about ongoing sexual assault allegations against him, as well as Allen’s own controversial statements. Almost 30 years ago, Allen was accused by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow of molesting her, allegations Allen has always steadfastly denied, insisting his ex-wife Mia Farrow is simply seeking revenge against him for cheating on her with his now-wife Soon-Yi Previn. Dylan Farrow reiterated her allegations against Allen in early 2018, leading to a new round of backlash against the Annie Hall filmmaker.

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With Rainy Day In New York seemingly in permanent limbo, The New York Times reports that Allen is now moving forward with a new film project in Spain. The company Mediapro, which worked with Allen on his previous films Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight In Paris, is reportedly financing the new movie. A spokesperson for Mediapro confirmed that Allen is currently at work on the film but would offer no other details.

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Thanks to acclaimed movies like Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Hannah and Her Sisters and many others, Allen was once one of the Hollywood’s most revered directors. Despite Dylan Farrow going public with her allegations against Allen, the director’s reputation never suffered and he went on producing films and accumulating accolades. As late as 2014, Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for starring in Allen’s Blue Jasmine and openly expressed her thanks to the director. However, the tide has now turned against Allen and many in Hollywood have openly shunned him.

Given the film community’s turn against Allen, it will be interesting to see how much acting talent he is able to attract to his new Spanish movie production. In the past, actors lined up to be in Allen’s films, in hopes of burnishing their reputations and perhaps even scoring awards nominations. Of course, Allen is still widely revered in Europe, so he should have an easier time with casting overseas. Though Allen has been publicly disavowed by everyone from Chalamet to Kate Winslet, other performers he’s previously worked with like Javier Bardem and Alec Baldwin have come to his defense. It will also be interesting to see if Allen’s new movie even receives an American release, or if distributors will avoid him due to the controversy.


Source: New York Times

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