WonderCon Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Panel

Just a few minor notes regarding the Sarah Connor Chronicles panel at WonderCon.

They showed a series of clips from the existing episodes combined into a montage. It looks like it may have actually gotten better since the pilot and I've been missing out. I may have to watch this in reruns, online, or however else.

Panelists present were Brian Austin Greene, Summer Glau, John Wirth, Craig Tomashoff, Josh Friedman, and Thomas Dekker (John Connor).

They talked about some of their wacky behind the scenes hijinks.

Josh Friedman wanted to bring back Kyle Reese, but they decided to bring back his brother instead. They figured the initial reaction would have been to have been stalked and killed by the fans of the movies. That last bit is mine, not what they said, but it's essentially the gist.

The series does not tie in at all with the upcoming Terminator 4 movie. They are different universes and will continue to remain so.

Although the second season has not yet been officially approved as far as I know, they were speaking as if they assumed it was a done deal.

Friedman joked about how after the second episode people were asking whether they were going to hit a Terminator with a car in every single episode. This was actually one of the things that bugged the heck out of me when I got part way through that second episode.

Summer Glau said it's easier to play Terminator Cameron than her character from Serenity, Summer because Cameron just throws things instead of using martial arts.

There was a small sneak peek of the season finale. It had to do with the chip Glau removes from the Terminators she kills, but not having seen the show it meant nothing to me.

One of the things they stated in the panel is how they refused to "dumb down" the show, despite requests from Fox to do so because they thought the audience was smart and could get subtleties in the series. Personally I found the pilot pretty dumb and containing a number of items I would classify as falling into that category.

So tell us, has the show in fact improved? Has it gotten "smarter?"

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