WonderCon 2009 - Day One Recap

The hall is only 2/3rds full of vendors and booths today.  It's odd to see so much empty floor space in a convention like this.  Is the economy hitting even here?  I've been told that the Con filled the hall last year.

There were quite a few folks signing autographs.  Most were character actors like Bobby Clark, the man who wore the Gorn suit on Star Trek and Anthony Forest, the storm trooper who said "These aren't the droids we're looking for" in Star Wars.

The bigger draws that I saw were the likes of Richard Kiel and Mark Hamill.

Hamill was pretty chatty with everyone who asked for his autograph and was pretty friendly with people who even stopped him after the signing session.  He was wearing a Warner Bros Joker coat.

Then there was the coveted prize of the day. The Watchmen raffle. WonderCon was screening Watchmen at midnight tonight in a nearby IMAX theater and they were raffling off 400 tickets. The line was long. All we had to do was shuffle along until we came to a desk, then reach into a big plastic bag and pull out a raffle ticket. Those who pulled out a ticket with a smiley on it got a wristband for the movie. A person in front of me and a person behind me got smiley faces. Sigh. I'll just have to wait.

Well, on to Saturday.  It's going to be a long day tomorrow as I'll be literally sequestered away in the Esplanade Ballroom all day.  I hope they have bathrooms!

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