WonderCon 2009 - Knowing / Astro Boy Panel

We were running short on time so we flew through these combined panels.


Alex Proyas chatted to us remotely via a video about Knowing, telling us what we were about to see.  They showed us the movie trailer and two scenes from the movie.

Knowing is about a teacher who examines a time capsule unearthed at his son's school. The contents, a piece of paper, has a series of numbers that lead to predictions that have already come true and the rest of the numbers on the list presumably lead to events that will come true.  This list leads Cage to believe the world is going to end at the close of the week.

The first scene involves the airline crash we catch a glimpse of in the trailer.  This scene is pivotal to Nicolas Cage being convinced that the series of numbers is actually true.  He's stuck in a traffic jam and as he gets out to see what is going on, the plane goes tilting by, slamming into the ground.  It's an intense scene, and well done.

Cage reacts to the disaster by running over to the wreckage to help people.  Some were on fire, some get caught up in secondary explosions and so forth.  The note full of numbers showed the lat, lon and number of people who die at this location.

It's accuracy to this event is, we're told, what pushes Cage over into the believing side.

The 2nd clip shows Cage trying to anticipate the next disaster in a subway.  He sees a suspicious character whom he pursues into a subway.  I won't tell you what happens with this suspicious character, but the ensuing subway accident, like the airplane, is detailed and devastating.  Not too gross, but it's implied well.

These scenes lead me to feel like this could be a great multi-mini-disaster-wreck-fest movie.  It's classic Cage playing a regular Joe shoved into an extreme circumstance.  It could be good, but it's what we don't see that will either make or break the movie.  Is the rest as good?  Is the story compelling?  I hope so.

Knowing opens March 20th.

Astro Boy

For the CGI movie Astro Boy, all we experienced today was a preview clip.

It opens with him falling down along the side of a skyscraper screaming.  More screaming...  a little more screaming as he goes shooting past us and suddenly his foot jets kick in.  We watch him try to learn his balance on this new found skill.

He acquires it pretty quickly as he zooms up the side the building and into the clouds where he plays amongst the fluffy white things for a few minutes before zooming off saying out loud how he has to go home and tell his father.

Astro Boy features the voices of Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell, Nathan Lane, Donald Sutherland, Nicolas Cage and others.

How does this sound to you?

Astro Boy opens in October of 2009.

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