WonderCon 2009 - Closing Thoughts

WonderCon 2009 was fun and I took a lot away from it. I'd like to share a quick look back at a few moments I experienced while there!

On Friday I walked the entire floor, checking out the booths for both product and celebrity appearances. The floor is definitely more focused on games and comic books. While browsing around, I asked a few folks about the size of the con and a few of them thought it was smaller than in previous years.

Despite the years, Mark Hamill was by far the most popular notable on the floor Friday night.

Yet the one thing I noticed was the lack of costumed attendees. There were some, but the numbers were a mere shadow of how many folk came dressed as their favorite movie character back at Comic-Con.

The biggest thing that stuck with me from the weekend was seeing the first 20 minutes of Watchmen. I was blown away. I also came away with a completely different perspective about Terminator: Salvation. What I saw was compelling and awesome - The direction they're going with that movie took me by surprise (Check out the new trailer to see what I mean).

But enough about my drooling all over myself. Here are a few photographic moments, memories and lessons learned from my weekend at WonderCon 2009:

This is the line to get in on Saturday morning. The convention is ready to ramp up for another big day!

This is the line for the raffle for the Watchmen tickets to Friday night's midnight screening. It turned out that after standing in line for more than an hour, some attendees were turned away at the doors because the theater was overbooked. According to some rejected sources, the theater was just letting walk ups in to see the movie. Ouch! I don't know all the gory details, but I'm bummed for those who ended up getting turned away.

They still had cool things for sale... this booth had some Star Trek toys that were very hard to walk away from.

There were obviously some pretty cool outfits in attendance. The Storm Trooper on the left was the coolest one in the convention while the Transformer Bumblebee was a pretty intense outfit.

No matter how much cool stuff is at the Con, it can still be a tiring event as even Batman was tired of buying Batman stuff.

There were obviously some "really nice" costumes at WonderCon. Gee, can you guess which panel I was waiting for?

So I took a pretty quick picture that and didn't get my flash synced up fast enough - But I noticed something in the background. After playing with the exposure, I really have to wonder what the heck the guy on the right is focusing on with his telephoto lens!!??

So what did I learn at WonderCon?

The bridge of the Enterprise in the new Star Trek movie is going be steamy good looking, regardless of who you are.

Did I not say in an earlier post that the Terminator: Salvation panel was fun. I learned that the panel tables are strong enough to hold up some resistance fighters from Terminator: Salvation!

This was when McG asked Moon Bloodgood to stand up. No one was complaining.

That Adam Baldwin can describe how Chuck holds a weapon, but still make it dirty. The man's comedic timing is flawless.

And this is how Chuck fights... cover the face, cover the jewels... Now he's ready to rumble!

I learned that my camera, for what ever reason, is a secret agent of my wife's and didn't cooperate when it really counted most. If I didn't just buy the thing, it would have become a UFO zinging through the auditorium! What's up with the Batgirl shirt Summer?

Despite it being late Sunday afternoon, the Con is still going strong with the power of the fans. That's what it's all about. You, the fans. Thanks for sharing my WonderCon weekend with me!

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