WonderCon 2009 - 'Chuck' Panel

The Chuck panel at the 2009 WonderCon was attended by Zachary Levi (Chuck), Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah), Josh Gomez (Morgan), Adam Baldwin (Casey) & exec producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak.

We were treated to some previews and upcoming scenes.  There is definitely a lot more skin this season than last.  Wouldn't you agree?  No, I'm not having a problem with it - just saying.

Here are some points and notes they touched on during the fun session:

On their guest stars:  They really had good things to say about everyone, but they especially liked the evil of Chevy Chase.  They enjoyed how Scott Bakula blended with the cast so well and how Tricia Helfner brought an interesting edge to the show.

We've not seen the last of Jill.

The crowd was polled and no one wants to see Bryce again.  The producers made no promises.

We will see Jeffster perform again.

There will be a few weddings before the end of the season.

With a hopeful eye towards the future, season 2 is not ending with a series finale.

The producers noted how putting this show together is a finicky balance with Chuck and Sarah and their "tensions".  And to keep a show about a guy having a quarter life crisis interesting, the explosions and violence really help!  But the rest of the season will be tackling the Chuck and Sarah thing a little more directly.

Someone asked Baldwin who would win in a fight, Casey or Jayne.  Adam thinks Casey would because he has better weapons.

Zachary Levi was asked what his favorite episodes were.  He had one from each season:  Season one was "Chuck Versus The Wookie" and season two was "Chuck Versus The Seduction," with guest star John Larroquette.

Someone asked what character the actors would want to switch with in the show.  Josh Gomez said he would want to be Sarah Lancaster so he can stare at himself all day long and take lots of showers.  Zachary Levi took the high road and said Casey.

The geekiness of Levi playing video games transcends the show.  Aside from things like the Comic-Con stickers that are in his characters room, Levi does like playing Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Madden 2009, Street Fighter IV and he's looking forward to Resident Evil 5.

The end of the panel was pretty cool because even though the convention staff usually shuttles the personalities off the stage faster than you can focus a camera lens, (Trust me on that one.) Levi and Gomez went to the stage edge for a few minutes to chat up the crowd.  Then the convention staff became a little more gruff and away they went.

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