Wonder Years Cast Reunites 26 Years After Finale in New Photo

The Wonder Years - Paul Kevin and Winnie

Members of The Wonder Years cast have reunited 26 years after the series finale in a new photo. The successful ABC series ran from 1988-1993 and has gained something of a cult status among its fans, who watched child stars Fred Savage, Josh Saviano and Danica McKellar grow up as their fictional TV personas of Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer and Winnie Cooper.

Set in the turbulent days of the 1960s and uncertainty of the early 70s, The Wonder Years followed the preteen (and eventual teenage) lives of Kevin and his closest friends, Paul and Winnie. The series was narrated by Daniel Stern, who, in its later years, was enjoying the notoriety of his role as the hapless Marv in the Home Alone series. It wasn’t until The Wonder Years finished its run in 1993 that nostalgia seemed to shift from the show to its fans, creating a substantial cult following.

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It’s been quite some time since the cast has reunited in public, and a new photo courtesy of Danica McKellar’s Twitter account gives diehard fans of The Wonder Years a look at just how much McKellar, Savage and Saviano have grown in the 26 years since the series ended. The photo of the three primary stars of The Wonder Years can be seen below, along with a heartfelt caption by McKellar.

In the later years following The Wonder Years’ cancellation, fans grew frustrated with the inability of distributor StarVista to release a complete DVD set of the series. In fact, it wasn’t until 2014 that The Wonder Years got its DVD release, due to licensing issues with the extensive soundtrack that tends to accompany a series set in the 1960s and early 1970s. However, by the time the series did find its way to home video, Netflix had already incorporated it into its far more popular streaming service. As time went on, it was revealed that the reason for the show’s cancellation was not a result of public disinterest, but an issue of sexual harassment. Costume designer Monique Long had filed a sexual harassment suit against Savage and Jason Hervey (who played Kevin's older brother Wayne), which was later settled out of court, but which apparently played a significant role in the show’s demise.

For fans of The Wonder Years, it's perhaps somewhat disheartening to know that there will probably be no continuation of the series - a resurrection which other successful sitcoms like Arrested Development have found in the streaming video/Netflix era. However, we're still living in the era of the reboot and if a 1990s series like Party of Five has found new ground to cover long after living through its heyday, then there's always reason to believe that maybe a new take on The Wonder Years could also find its way to TV screens. For now, diehard fans will have to settle for the next best thing, a photo of the three key players, all grown up but still not relinquishing the friendship they've always shared.

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