15 Most Evil Things Wonder Woman Has Done

Wonder Woman Rebirth Diana Wrists

As part of DC's legendary Trinity, Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman) has been a symbol of awesomeness and righteousness ever since her introduction in 1941.

In the comics, the Amazonian warrior was integral to the United States' victory in World War II, was a flagship title during the Golden Age, and went on to be a founding member of the Justice League during the Silver Age of comics. Diana Prince was a symbol of the '70s thanks to Lynda Carter and her wonderfully cheesy TV show. Now, after all these years, the Amazon is finally getting the awesome live-action interpretation she deserves in the form of this June's Wonder Woman.

Though she acts as a symbol of justice and integrity in the DC Universe, Wonder Woman is not above getting her hands dirty every now and then. Diana Prince has committed some heinous acts during her history that are anything but heroic. Especially the alternate universe versions. If you look at just about any alternate universe in the DC lore, chances are Wonder Woman is evil. That said, even our own Earth Prime Diana has not remained completely innocent in her crime-fighting career.

Here are the 15 Most Evil Things Wonder Woman Has Done.

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Justice Lord Wonder Woman
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15 Helped overthrow the U.S. Government (as Justice Lord)

Justice Lord Wonder Woman

Look, we know that Lex Luthor as President isn't exactly ideal. The guy is about as scummy as you can get; some versions show him as simply a greedy tycoon with no regard for the well-being of others, while the less extreme versions paint him as a misunderstood, morally grey character. Either way, the world isn't a fun place for superheroes whenever Lex is in charge of the United States. An alt-universe version of the Flash found this out the hard way in an episode of Justice League: The Animated Series when he was publicly executed by President Luthor for "acts of treason."

The fallout of this event was that the Justice League became a more radical organization, renaming themselves the Justice Lords and completely toppling the U.S. Government by killing President Luthor. They tried to keep the peace by ruling the world as ruthless warlords.

However, when the Wonder Woman of this reality discovered the existence of Earth Prime, she decided to bring the team's brand of justice their world. Thankfully the combined powers of the Justice League were able to send the Justice Lords back to their universe before they could do any major damage. Military coups aren't cool, Diana.

14 Accidentally killed the Huntress (Injustice)

Wonder Woman kills Huntress in the Injustice Gods Among Us comic

The popular fighting game Injustice just received its second installment this month and has been an ongoing comic series since the release of the first game in 2013. The story is one that has been told time and time again: what if Superman turned evil? It's done in a horrifyingly heart-wrenching way here, and the ensuing story shakes the status quo of the DC universe to its core.

After the Joker is able to trick the Man of Steel into killing his wife and unborn baby, he murders the clown in retaliation and vows to be more strict on crime fighting. Superman takes over all of the world governments and threatens to kill any evildoers that dare show their face.

Wonder Woman is one of the few heroes who chooses to join Kal-El in this mission. Naturally, Batman leads the resistance against Superman's regime and his entire Bat-family tags along; the Huntress and Batwoman are able to corner Diana alone in a forest.

During a brutal throwdown, Wonder Woman loses control of herself, wraps her Lasso of Truth around the Huntresses' neck, and snaps it like a twig. This isn't even close to the most evil thing she's done in the Injustice universe, but we'll get to that later...

13 Abandoned Humanity for 100 years

Wonder Woman WWI Picture

During the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice we are introduced to Diana Prince, who seems to be investigating Lex Luthor at the same time as Bruce Wayne. Later one we meet her alter ego (quite awesomely, we might add) when Doomsday goes mad and tries to destroy Metropolis. But wait a second - where has Wonder Woman been this entire time?!

Remember when Metropolis was getting literally hammered by giant war engines from Krypton and a rookie superhero was trying to stop it all on his own? Yeah, maybe that would have been a good time to reveal yourself to the world. Also we know that Diana has no qualms about killing; had she been involved in the fight maybe we wouldn't still be hearing about how the DCEU ruined Superman's "Boy Scout" reputation.

Not to mention: how many other giant disasters could Wonder Woman have helped out with? Did people die because she was too afraid to come out of hiding? That's, like, the complete opposite of what she stands for!

12 Stole the title of God of War

As much as we loved this storyline in 2013's Wonder Woman comics, we have to admit that the Amazon's actions were pretty sinister. Brian Azzarello's run on the characterwas met with critical acclaim but divided fans; it completely re-wrote Diana's origin into something that seemingly mirrored Marvel's Thor. Now Diana was no longer an Amazon whose talents allowed her to rise above the rest. Instead, she was a demigodess who was the daughter of Zeus.

Naturally, being the daughter of a Greek god meant that Wonder Woman was going to be in contact with the rest of Mount Olympus. In this new continuity, Diana had been trained by the God of War since she was young and had a somewhat mentor/student relationship with him.

In Wonder Woman #23, a fight with Zeus' first-born son (unironically called "First Born") ends with the villain charging Ares with the intent to steal the God of War title for himself. Rather than let First Born claim victory, Diana uses her spear to kill her former teacher and steal the title from her adversary.

Yeah, there were some good intentions behind her actions, but was it really necessary for Diana to intentionally take on the role of a bloodthirsty god?

11 Executed Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is the "Peggy Carter" to Wonder Woman's "Captain America." The character started off as a commander in the U.S. military who Diana rescued from a plane crash in the 1940s. He then acted as the liaison between the Amazon's world and the world of man, often tagging along on the hero's adventures. On top of being her partner in heroism, Diana and Steve are shown to have varying degrees of affection for each other; the two were even married at one point.

Which makes it all the more heartbreaking when Diana executes him in cold blood during the Flashpoint storyline. In this tale, Barry Allen wakes up to find the world to be... much different than he is used to: a two-front war is being waged between the world of Man and the combined forces of Wonder Woman's Amazonians and Aquaman's Atlanteans.

Early on, we get a glimpse at the ruthlessness of Diana in this universe. As Steve Trevor is waiting to receive intel from Lois Lane, Diana ambushes him. She uses her lasso as a noose, prying valuable information from his mind as she slowly strangles him to death. Yikes.

10 Worked for Lex Luthor (The Dark Knight Strikes Again)

Blackmailed Wonder Woman

The Dark Knight Returns is a masterpiece of literature that was able to redefine the Caped Crusader for the modern world. Its sequel, however, is about as "meh-to-awful" as you can get. It's not as bad as say, All-Star Batman & Robin, but it definitely pales in comparison to its predecessor. The Dark Knight Strikes Again had a larger focus on the rest of DC's heroes, whereas the first entry was mostly contained to Batman, his sidekicks, and Superman.

Thanks to her Amazon heritage, Wonder Woman hasn't aged a single day when we are first introduced to her all these years later. It is revealed near the climax of the arc that she had mothered a child with the Man of Steel, a fact that the two had kept secret in fear of what she would be forced to become.

Their fears are justified, as Lex Luthor and Braniac have teamed up and installed their own puppet leader into the American Presidency. They then blackmail Wonder Woman (along with Superman and Captain Marvel) into acting as an evil agent of their oppressive regime. Diana is eventually able to rejoin the side of good, but not before committing some terrible acts in the name of Lex Luthor.

9 Threatened to cut off Cheetah's tail during an interrogation

Wonder Woman Cheetah Tail

Cheetah and Wonder Woman go way back. It may be difficult to recall the majority of Diana Prince's rogues, but Cheetah is one of the few that has consistently been around since the Golden Age. The third incarnation of the character, alias Barbara Ann Minerva, has been the "main" version since 1987. Minerva was an archeologist who got caught up in a shamanic African tribe. She was forced to drink the blood of a cheetah and eat berries said to have mystic powers; this turned her into a half-woman, half-cat creature whose human half is constantly trying to steal Diana's Lasso of Truth.

During the Rise of the Olympian story Wonder Woman shows just how far she is willing to go to save her friends. The two enemies duke it out, with Diana emerging victorious. However, Cheetah reveals that she has kidnapped Diana's longtime ally Etta Candy. Despite several beatings from the Amazon, the villain refuses to give up the location of her friend.

Diana removes her razor-sharp tiara and threatens to separate Cheetah's tail from her body if she doesn't get an answer. Cheetah quickly realizes that Wonder Woman isn't bluffing and tells her where to find Etta.

8 Brutally stabbed Harley Quinn in the gut (Injustice 2)

Wonder Woman Stabs Harley

After the events of the first Injustice game, Wonder Woman has tasted the bitter throes of defeat for the first time in her career. Superman was brought down by the Batman, and now the disgraced Amazon is forced into exile.

However, she refuses to give up her allegiance to the Man of Steel and instead plots to manipulate his cousin (Supergirl) into defeating all of her enemies. When Brainiac attacks Earth and Superman is released from Batman's prison, she sees the perfect opportunity to strike.

Everything is going according to plan until Diana and Kara Zor-El run into Harley Quinn and Cheetah in Metropolis. After brutally defeating her old arch-enemy, Wonder Woman is ribbed by Harley about how she tried way too hard to impress Superman and failed miserably. Diana responds by charging at the villain and ramming her blade into her gut.

Ultimately this leads to the downfall of her entire plan, as Supergirl witnesses this action, saves Harley by cauterizing her wound, and then chooses to change sides.

7 Killed Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman Kills max Lord

Just looking at this image is enough to make your stomach churn. There's just something so terrifying about watching Wonder Woman kill someone without any sort of anguish or remorse. In the 2005 Sacrifice story, billionaire genius Maxwell Lord is able to manipulate Superman into thinking his loved ones are being attacked; Lord uses this ability to make Kal-El fight other superheroes. Batman ends up in a hospital bed and Diana gets the snot kicked out of her while the whole world watches via satellite.

Wonder Woman is quick to realize that she cannot bring down Superman on her own. She ties up Maxwell with her lasso and asks him how to stop the illusion. Lord answers that the only way he'll ever stop is by killing him. Instead of trying to find another way around this predicament, Wonder Woman quickly snaps the villain's neck without a second thought.

In the end, Lord is victorious: the entire world watched Diana murder him on live TV, thus making them distrust metahumans and Amazons in general. Not to mention, this moment has gone down in history as being one of Wonder Woman's most infamous moments.

6 Delivered a fatal blow to Captain Atom (Injustice)

Wonder Woman kills Captain Atom in the Injustice comic

If you couldn't tell by now, the Wonder Woman of Injustice is anything but a "good guy." As if killing Huntress and Sinestro, and trying to murder Harley and Cheetah wasn't enough, Diana is directly responsible for killing Captain Atom.

The Captain is one of the few superheroes within the DC lore who is able to stand up to the Man of Steel. This makes him one of the go-to guys of Batman's resistance group and possibly the last hope to bring down his regime. Atom is able to fight Superman to a standstill, bringing the Kryptonian to his knees.

Before he can deliver the final blow, however, Wonder Woman slices him across the neck with her sword. This creates a leak in the suit that contains Atom's nuclear power. The hero realizes that death is imminent, and flies off into space with the Man of Steel in a last-ditch effort to kill him. Remember: Captain Atom is a hero.

Prior to this incident Diana had limited her killing spree to only villains (minus Huntress, which was an accident). This was the first time that she showed just how low she would stoop to protect her leader.

5 Frank Miller's Take on the Character (All of it)

Frank Miller Wonder Woman

Frank Miller is about as hot and cold a writer as you can get; there really aren't any of his stories that make you say "meh." His take on Wonder Woman in All-Star Batman & Robin, however, comes across as somewhat evil and extremely cringe-worthy.

For starters, Diana wants to deal with Batman's rogue actions by killing him. It takes the combined efforts of the rest of the Justice League to quell her thirst for blood, and even then she only agrees to re-evaluate the situation after Green Lantern talks to the Dark Knight.

Then there's the fact that the character is written to be completely spiteful of man and his world; in her first appearance in the story she complains about the smell of urinals and aftershave before referring to some random guy on the street as a "genetic material depository."

4 Killed Aquaman and beheaded Mera

Wonder Woman Evil

If you thought Diana executing her closest Earth Prime ally wasn't evil enough, you're in for a treat! In the Flashpoint Universe, Princess Diana and Arthur Curry are former lovers whose relationship fell apart after Wonder Woman's mother was killed on their wedding day. Just like in Earth Prime, Curry goes on to wed Mera as King of Atlantis, and Diana eventually leads the Amazons. When the two parties engage the forces of the human race, they are reunited in an uneasy alliance. This also led to the two rekindling their passion for each other (much to the dismay of Mera).

When the Queen of Atlantis discovers her husband's infidelity, she sneaks into Wonder Woman's room and tries to assassinate her. In the ensuing battle the Amazon is able to gain the upper hand and separate Mera's head from her body. As a (somewhat disturbing) trophy, she begins to wear Mera's crown.

When the Atlanteans discover this horror, they break off the alliance and declare war against the Amazons. In the final battle of the story, Diana claims final victory when she is able to best Aquaman in combat, plunging her sword into his back and killing him once and for all.

3 Mothered a child with the evil Steppenwolf

Fury, Wonder Woman and Steppenwolf's daughter

Thanks to the upcoming Justice League movie, we're all about to meet Steppenwolf. The New God is one of Darkseid's most ruthless generals. In the wake of Infinite Crisis, readers learned that Earth-2 was the home of all of DC's Golden Age heroes, meaning that the early adventures of Diana Troy took place on a separate Earth than the current one. When Steppenwolf and an army of Parademons invaded, the "Trinity" of this world was killed.

Or were they? In the publisher's New 52 relaunch it is revealed that Diana had actually mothered a child with Steppenwolf. Their daughter goes by her "war name", Fury, and acts as the New God's right-hand woman on Earth-2. Fury is the last of her kind, with her mother and the rest of the Amazons perishing during the invasion.

This leads us to an important question: how was Wonder Woman able to mother a child if she perished alongside the rest of the Trinity? Why would she allow herself to be impregnated by Steppenwolf? Did she have any affection for him? Does she approve of his mission?

The history of Fury (also known as Donna) is not fully written yet, so maybe we'll get some answers in the near future.

2 Infected other DC heroes with Morticoccus (Final Crisis)

Mortococcous Wonder Woman

Final Crisis was the swansong to the trilogy started by Crisis on Infinite Earths and continued by Infinite Crisis. However, this was the entry in the series that pulled out all the stops; Batman and Martian Manhunter were killed, we discovered that Radion weapons were being stockpiled, and Barry Allen was finally brought back as the Scarlet Speedster. It was one of those events that we can't even begin to do justice explaining!

While investigating a murder in Bludhaven, Wonder Woman is exposed to a strain of the Morticoccus Virus by a possessed Mary Marvel. This thing is not to be messed with-- the disease turns superhumans into bloodthirsty, animalistic savages.

Once the virus infects Wonder Woman, she appears in an all-out battle in the city streets and infects a bunch of the other heroes. For the rest of the story Diana leads this pack of evil ravagers. Thankfully, fellow superhero The Ray is able to break the spell by drawing a Metron symbol across the entire Earth. We told you this story was insane!

1 Killed a child in cold blood

Death of Billy Batson Shazam

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Diana from Flashpoint is about as evil as they come. In this universe, one of the few heroes who can stand in her way is Captain Thunder, a reimagined version of Captain Marvel/Shazam with drastically different origins. Captain Thunder is created by the combined powers of six children who were exposed to a magic rock. In a world without a Superman, he was arguably the most powerful being in existence.

During the final battle of Flashpoint, the Enchantress shows herself to be a turncoat (surprise, surprise). In the middle of a fight between Diana and Thunder, she uses her powers to split the hero back up into the six individual children. Before they can get a chance to reform, Wonder Woman runs over and stabs Billy Batson through the heart. Think about that... Wonder Woman murdered a child in cold blood. It doesn't get any more evil than that.


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