In Patty Jenkins’ widely-praised live-action take on DC’s Wonder Woman, expect to see Diana Prince in full command of her powers. From saving Steve Trevor to helping defeat the Germans, she’ll be a major contributing force behind winning World War I and driving the forces of evil (see: Ares) back into the underworld. If that weren’t enough, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice showed the Amazing Amazon in her element, making it abundantly clear that the DCEU Wonder Woman is an absolute baller.

Despite her many victories, Diana Prince is no stranger to violence. Though she wheels and deals in beatdowns, she has also been on the receiving end of countless counterattacks that have left her dazed and confused. While we certainly don’t intend to celebrate Wonder Woman’s more vulnerable moments, we thought it an appropriate time to remind you that the demigoddess is less impervious than she seems. If you’ve already seen BvS, you can safely assume Diana will survive the earlier narrative in Wonder Woman, so consider this an added dose of cinema-going insecurity.

From getting riddled with arrows and hurled into semi-trucks, to being endlessly tortured by Darkseid and getting stabbed through the spleen by General Steppenwolf, Wonder Woman has made more than a few bloody sacrifices on the battlefield.

Here are Wonder Woman’s 15 Most Brutal Injuries.

15. Nearly Burned Alive By D’Grth

Wonder Woman On Fire Wonder Womans 15 Most Brutal Injuries

Take Sauron, make him ten times bigger, then add fire. That’s D’Grth, the little-known but terrifying terrorizer of Diana Prince. This inter-dimensional, flaming villain is quite literally the devil, and he’s capable of harnessing souls from those who pledge themselves to him. One such acolyte was a young boy who traded his soul to become the demigod known as Stalker. Though he enjoyed his newfound powers for a time, D’Grth’s disciple longed to regain his soul. Striking yet another devil’s deal, he promised his master the soul of Wonder Woman herself in return for his own salvation.

When Diana Prince goes rogue and captures the Soul of Eternity, D’Grth is forced to battle with the Amazing Amazon. Though she eventually decapitates him, Wonder Woman first suffers egregious burns in the hands of D’Grth. Grabbing her in the palm of his hand, the fiery Saxon scalds Diana Prince and nearly melts off her skin.

14. Getting Hanged By Superman

Superman Hangs Wonder Woman Wonder Womans 15 Most Brutal Injuries

In the world of comics, alternate timelines are essential. They challenge even the most fixed qualities of beloved superheroes and occasionally let the underdogs win. Though it would be a stretch to call Wonder Woman inferior against Superman, Kal-El has picked up a few more victories than the Princess of Themyscira. Despite their past as teammates, sidekicks, and even lovers, Wonder Woman and Superman have been at odds on a number of occasions. Though most of their disagreements ended amicably, one such fight had ruinous consequences.

In an alternate timeline where Batman and Superman were born and bred by modern Mussolinis, The World’s Finest superheroes became the globe’s most devastating terrorists. In the midst of their reign of terror, Batman and Superman encountered Wonder Woman and suffered a devastating loss. Diana Prince swiftly killed Bruce Wayne and brought Kal-El to the brink of madness. After beating her to a pulp, Superman turned Diana’s Lasso of Truth into a hangman’s noose and strangled her to death.