Wonder Woman's 15 Most Brutal Injuries

In Patty Jenkins’ widely-praised live-action take on DC's Wonder Woman, expect to see Diana Prince in full command of her powers. From saving Steve Trevor to helping defeat the Germans, she’ll be a major contributing force behind winning World War I and driving the forces of evil (see: Ares) back into the underworld. If that weren't enough, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice showed the Amazing Amazon in her element, making it abundantly clear that the DCEU Wonder Woman is an absolute baller.

Despite her many victories, Diana Prince is no stranger to violence. Though she wheels and deals in beatdowns, she has also been on the receiving end of countless counterattacks that have left her dazed and confused. While we certainly don’t intend to celebrate Wonder Woman’s more vulnerable moments, we thought it an appropriate time to remind you that the demigoddess is less impervious than she seems. If you’ve already seen BvS, you can safely assume Diana will survive the earlier narrative in Wonder Woman, so consider this an added dose of cinema-going insecurity.

From getting riddled with arrows and hurled into semi-trucks, to being endlessly tortured by Darkseid and getting stabbed through the spleen by General Steppenwolf, Wonder Woman has made more than a few bloody sacrifices on the battlefield.

Here are Wonder Woman’s 15 Most Brutal Injuries.

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Wonder Woman On Fire
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15 Nearly Burned Alive By D’Grth

Wonder Woman On Fire

Take Sauron, make him ten times bigger, then add fire. That’s D’Grth, the little-known but terrifying terrorizer of Diana Prince. This inter-dimensional, flaming villain is quite literally the devil, and he’s capable of harnessing souls from those who pledge themselves to him. One such acolyte was a young boy who traded his soul to become the demigod known as Stalker. Though he enjoyed his newfound powers for a time, D’Grth’s disciple longed to regain his soul. Striking yet another devil’s deal, he promised his master the soul of Wonder Woman herself in return for his own salvation.

When Diana Prince goes rogue and captures the Soul of Eternity, D’Grth is forced to battle with the Amazing Amazon. Though she eventually decapitates him, Wonder Woman first suffers egregious burns in the hands of D’Grth. Grabbing her in the palm of his hand, the fiery Saxon scalds Diana Prince and nearly melts off her skin.

14 Getting Hanged By Superman

Superman Hangs Wonder Woman

In the world of comics, alternate timelines are essential. They challenge even the most fixed qualities of beloved superheroes and occasionally let the underdogs win. Though it would be a stretch to call Wonder Woman inferior against Superman, Kal-El has picked up a few more victories than the Princess of Themyscira. Despite their past as teammates, sidekicks, and even lovers, Wonder Woman and Superman have been at odds on a number of occasions. Though most of their disagreements ended amicably, one such fight had ruinous consequences.

In an alternate timeline where Batman and Superman were born and bred by modern Mussolinis, The World’s Finest superheroes became the globe’s most devastating terrorists. In the midst of their reign of terror, Batman and Superman encountered Wonder Woman and suffered a devastating loss. Diana Prince swiftly killed Bruce Wayne and brought Kal-El to the brink of madness. After beating her to a pulp, Superman turned Diana’s Lasso of Truth into a hangman’s noose and strangled her to death.

13 Suffocated By Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter attacks Wonder Woman in Injustice 1-29

Martian Manhunter doesn’t get enough credit. That might change if and when he gets incorporated into the DCEU, but as of now, J’onn J'onzz is firmly on the backburner of the Justice League’s marquee fighters. Speaking of backburner, the green alien is particularly vulnerable to fire. As Batman once teased, all he would need is a “penny for a book of matches” to turn J’onn into a pile of emerald ash.

In the Injustice comics, however, Martian Manhunter gets to flex his muscles, shapeshift into a space squid, and nearly asphyxiate Diana Prince. Offended by always playing second fiddle to Superman, J’onn snaps at Diana Prince and wraps his tentacles around her. “You never trusted me,” he says. “Two aliens and you always followed the one who looked like you.” It’s a weak argument, given that Manhunter isn’t easy on the eyes. Still, he invades Diana and begins to choke her out: “I’m inside you. I’m in your lungs. I can strangle your organs…I can cut off the oxygen to your brain.” It’s heavy stuff, and though Diana begins to bleed out and suffocate, Superman saves her by blasting J’onn with fire.

12 Twice Struck By Storm’s Lightning

Storm Blasts Wonder Woman With Lightning

We might never see it on the big screen, but Marvel and DC crossovers will always be a fixture of comics. Though they aren’t always as conclusive as we might like (see: Batman fighting Captain America), they provide a rare chance to see how members of the Justice League fare against the studs of The Avengers.

On one such occasion, Wonder Woman found herself up against the X-Men’s leading lightning aficionado, Storm. Though it might seem like an easy victory for the Amazonian princess, the silver-haired mutant took Diana to the cleaners. Even though Wonder Woman had access to Thor’s legendary (lightning-wielding) hammer, she foolishly set it aside and got fried by Storm. Though one hit was painful and sent her reeling, Diana received another blast of heaven-sent electricity and got knocked unconscious by the underdog mutant. Props to Storm for not only zapping Wonder Woman of her strength, but taking her out of the game entirely.

11 Knocked Unconscious By Harley Quinn’s Gas Bomb

If Harley Quinn ever seems altruistic, it’s usually self-serving. Though she’s usually driven by warped impulses, chemical imbalances, and an undying love for her Puddin’, she did go out of her way to save Wonder Woman from an assassination attempt. As you might expect, however, Harley’s approach to benevolence manifests in strange ways.

When you’re as obsessed with someone like Harley idolizes Diana Prince, there are no limits. Enter chemical warfare, kidnapping, and a seriously zany approach to heroism. In Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book #1, the Joker’s longtime girlfriend positions herself as a meek flower delivery girl, arrives at Diana’s location, then sets off a gas bomb that turns Wonder Woman into an unconscious weakling. While swimming through the chemical haze, Harley dons a gas mask and drops Diana into an empty bath before stripping her down, borrowing her costume, and heading out into public in a grand impersonation.

10 Getting Curb-Stomped By Mongul

Wonder Woman Versus Mongul

When Mongul descended upon DC Comics’ mightiest warriors, he wanted blood. In a one-on-one interview with Batman, he asked the Dark Knight which superhero he should kill first. Without wasting a breath, Diana Prince slingshot herself onto the scene and duked Mongul across the jaw. Upon regaining his bearings, the mega creature mumbled, “Thank you. I think that’s answered my question.” The space beast then honed his sights on Wonder Woman and set about to destroy her.

To her credit, the Amazing Amazon showed no sign of backing down, but that didn’t keep Mongul from blasting her through walls, hurling her into the dirt, and slyly mocking her gender: “Well, you’re certainly lasting longer than I anticipated. You’re a female, I think. You wouldn’t be the Kryptonian’s mate, by chance?” To add insult to injury, Mongul grabbed Diana and slammed her face into the floor, ramming his ungodly paws on her like a scene straight out of American History X.

9 Medusa Spears Wonder Woman

Medusa Stabs Wonder Woman

In the world of comics, Medusa and Wonder Woman have major beef. Jealous of Diana Prince’s international fame and power, she once sought and failed to bring her down, getting beheaded a second time by Wonder Woman herself. Surviving the most fatal of attacks twice in a row, Medusa rallied and returned to Earth, this time with an even larger goal of destroying Athena.

To truly bring ruin to the patron saint of wisdom and warfare, Medusa sought to crush her favorite champion: Wonder Woman. Challenging the Themysciran to a trial by combat, Medusa wasted no time. Taking advantage of Diana’s blindfold (a requirement to fight the blinding Gorgon), the serpent-woman waited for Wonder Woman to turn away before jamming her sword clean through her spleen. In front of an audience of over 40 million people, Diana was humiliated and stabbed in the back.

8 Shot Through The Heart By Hades

Wonder Woman Gets Shot By Hades

All is fair in love and war, but what of being in love while at war? Such were the curious circumstances surrounding Diana Prince’s dalliance with Hades. In Wonder Woman, Vol. 4 #10, our fearsome lady is forced to prove her love for the ruler of the Underworld. Wearing her Lasso of Truth, Diana reveals her love for Hades but promptly flees the scene, vowing to never marry him. So enraged and offended was the Lord of Hell that he sent his army upon her and vowed to eat her body and soul for the rest of time.

Talk about sensitive feelings. When Hades eventually captures Wonder Woman, he learns that she was telling the truth. Unfortunately, Diana’s love exceeds Hades' and extends across all mankind. As Wonder Woman leaves the arena, Hephaestus arrives and gives his pal Eros’ handguns, weapons capable of turning their target into a besotted mess. Without a moment’s hesitation, Hades loads the pistols, takes aim at Diana Prince, and blasts a hole in her chest.

7 Strangled By Batwoman

Batwoman strangles Wonder Woman during Injustice

The Injustice series makes Logan seem light. In this apocalyptic narrative, friends become enemies, longtime archvillains become heroes, and legends die cruel deaths. Despite Superman’s moral compass completely losing its direction, Wonder Woman stayed true to her Kryptonian friend. Unfortunately, Diana’s loyalty would ultimately ostracize her from a number of her longtime allies, including Huntress, Catwoman, and even Batwoman. Though their initial fights had no lasting effects, Diana overstepped her bounds after accidentally killing Huntress with her Lasso of Truth.

It didn’t take long for these neck-snapping chickens to come home to roost. Batwoman waited quietly in the wings for Wonder Woman to become weak, seizing the first opportunity to avenge the cruel fate of Huntress. Using Diana’s own lasso against her, Batwoman looped the golden rope around her neck and nearly suffocated her. While Diana writhed for breath, Batwoman remembered her core virtues and allowed Wonder Woman to survive.

6 Getting Sniped With Arrows

Wonder Woman Gets Hit By An Arrow

Like the Man of Steel himself, Wonder Woman has all the hallmarks of a truly impenetrable demigod. Throughout many of her incarnations, Diana Prince has been nearly impervious to all mode of human attack. Up against her fortified skin, bullets, swords, and arrows are like Nerf guns at best, making contact and dropping like flies. If only Wonder Woman were equally safe against magical properties, particularly wizard-tipped arrows. As Wonder Woman Odyssey makes clear, Diana (and even her Themysciran tribe) are far from immune.

On a number of occasions, the Amazing Amazon has been turned into target practice from mystical archers. While she has been resilient thus far in recent story arcs, Diana has nearly been killed by arrows on the battlefield pre-New 52.

5 Impaled On Steppenwolf's Sword

Steppenwolf Stabs Wonder Woman

The above photo is so upsetting that it’s not even widely accessible online. Though it is an oft-repeated pose in the world of comics (see: Batman and Professor Zoom), the depiction of Wonder Woman’s death-by-Steppenwolf is among the most disturbing in recent memory.

While Medusa’s backstabbing was hard to stomach, this one is on another level. As told in the midsummer 2012 edition of Earth 2, Vol. 1., Issue #1, alternate universe Wonder Woman is hoisted by her own petard when General Steppenwolf goes on a killing spree and wipes out the designated leaders of the Justice League. On Earth-2, a battalion of Parademons besiege the planet and allow Steppenwolf to take command. As the newfound commander of the pale blue dot, the General systematically assassinates Batman and Superman before eliminating Diana Prince in one fell swoop. It’s a wound from which no one could survive, not even the champion of the Amazons.

4 Getting Hurled Into A Truck By Doomsday

Doomsday Throws A Truck at Wonder Woman

From 1980s comics to the DC Extended Universe, Doomsday had his way with Superman. The battle of the gods resulted in the temporary destruction of the Man of Steel (to be repealed upon the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League this holiday season).

Though most will remember Lois Lane cradling the broken body of Kal-El, few remember Wonder Woman’s apocalyptic showdown with Doomsday. Though Superman put up an impressive fight and endured until the end, Diana Prince gets beaten into submission right out of the gate. After getting pummeled across the city by the spiked alien, Wonder Woman goes full ragdoll as Doomsday hurls her into an abandoned bus. As Doomsday prepares to drop the eighteen-wheeler on his victim, the comic panels read, “as the world around her fades into blood-red oblivion, we may be safe in assuming Diana’s last thought is of just how defenseless she is.” More than a simple beatdown, this is a true (and rare) humbling of Wonder Woman.

3 Beaten to a Pulp By Bizarro

Bizarro Beats Up On Diana Prince

However devastating Diana’s loss to Doomsday may be, it pales in comparison to the obscene annihilation she suffered at the hand of Bizarro. While any comic with the Franken-Superman monster is guaranteed to push the boundaries, his matchup against Wonder Woman is one for the ages.

Using all 4 points of his IQ, Bizarro introduces his oversized fist to the Themysciran’s head countless times. So relentless are his blows that he reduces the so-called Amazing Amazon into a nearly paralyzed version of herself. He proceeds to throw her through walls, pummel her into the pavement, and kick her into submission. “Bizarro no like golden bugs in head.” Wham. He cracks her once. “No like lady with rope.” And again he beats her, holding her by the locks of her hair as he turns her into a human punching bag. What prompted the pugilism? As Bizarro eloquently explains, “lady with rope broke [my] badge.”

2 Getting Her Face Dissolved In Clay

Wonder Woman Dissolves In Clay

Wonder Woman was truly sculpted into her present stature. As one of her origin stories reveals, Queen Hippolyta molded Diana out of Themyscira clay before Aphrodite (the goddess of love) imbued her with the supernatural strength of the gods of Mount Olympus. Though this impressive beginning gave Wonder Woman her powers, it made her vulnerable to die by the same means.

In the 1973 War of the Wonder Women story arc, a lady named Harmonia has recurring nightmares of a woman who continually dissolves into clay. The Fates tell her the tale of Pandora (not the character introduced in Flashpoint, mind you), who at the behest of Zeus, was born of earthy soil. As Harmonia’s visions grow more clear, however, she realizes that it has been Diana Prince, not Pandora, whose face and body reverts to clay every day and night. As the Fates have foretold, Wonder Woman is cursed to die a terrible death.

1 Tortured By Darkseid

Darkseid Tortures Wonder Woman

There are momentary injuries, and then there are sustained physical attacks. The kind of pain that turns the bravest men and women into pawns for the enemy. Such was the case with Wonder Woman and Darkseid, the evil overlord who will go to great lengths to glean even the smallest piece of information.

In Wonder Woman #102 – Second Genesis, Darkseid has his victim strapped to a metallic gurney as he questions her from above. Increasing the hurt every step of the way, the alien stands impressed at Diana’s pain tolerance: “Up to sixteen now! Amazing!” As the weapon designer DeSaad reveals, no human had ever survived more than level thirteen on his torture rack. Though Wonder Woman is eventually freed from the device, the injuries she sustained made her more vulnerable than ever.


What other injuries has Wonder Woman been forced to endure over the years? Let us know in the comments.

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