Wonder Woman Is A Worldwide Hit With Over $200 Million Opening

Wonder Woman is officially a massive hit at the box office, both domestically and around the world. The Gal Gadot-led latest from the DC Extended Universe has earned high praise, with the best reviews for a DC Comics-based movie since The Dark Knight. Indeed. it has already made history as the biggest improvement in Rotten Tomatoes score of any movie in a franchise that wasn't a direct sequel, marking the greatest statistical leap in "franchise reputation" ever seen.

As was projected in recent weeks, Wonder Woman was expected to ride its immensely positive critical reception to a big opening weekend at the domestic box office. It did not disappoint, earning an estimated $100.5 million. The international numbers are now out, and they confirm Wonder Woman as a great box office success all around the world.

As reported by Variety, Wonder Woman is not just a blockbuster stateside but internationally as well; the film earned $122.5 million in 55 overseas markets for a worldwide total of $223 million. China led the way internationally with $38 million, followed by Korea with $8.5 million, Mexico with $8.4 million, Brazil with $8.3 million, and the U.K. with $7.5 million.

To put Wonder Woman's tremendous worldwide success in perspective, it had a bigger international opening than many successful movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It made more than each of the first two Iron ManThor and Guardians of the Galaxy movies. It also topped 2013's Man of Steel from the DCEU, showing just how important the character is for the franchise going forward.

As expected, Wonder Woman also marks the biggest domestic opening ever for a female director. Patty Jenkins' $100.5 million easily beat the previous record set by Sam Taylor-Johnson, whose Fifty Shades of Grey earned $85.1 million.

It remains to be seen if Wonder Woman's huge opening weekend will carry over into subsequent weeks. It still has a ways to go to catch Batman v Superman's worldwide total of $872 million, although doesn't have the stiffest competition considering we're in summer movie season. The biggest potential competitors in June among action movies are The Mummy on June 9 and Transformers: The Last Knight on June 21; while the latter may dominate the box office, it's still a good couple of weeks away.

Regardless of final box office haul, though, Wonder Woman is the DCEU's best-received movie yet, promising very good things for the future.

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Source: Variety

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