How Wonder Woman's Visual Effects Team Brought the Film to Life

The latest behind-the-scenes video from DC breaks down the many visual effects that went into the making of Wonder Woman. While the DC Extended Universe struggled to achieve the same critical success as certain other modern superhero movie franchises for much of the past four years (starting with Man of Steel), that has now changed thanks to Wonder Woman. Not only has the film dominated the domestic box office for the past two weeks, Wonder Woman has also become a runaway success with general moviegoers and critics alike.

Breaking the $200 million mark at home and sitting at $435M worldwide, Wonder Woman has become a runaway success for DC. Aside from the exciting action and solid character work, the sheer fact of seeing a powerful female superhero in place of her usual male peers has given audiences something they've long desired. Of course, the film is first and foremost a summer blockbuster, meaning its chock full of extraordinary feats, fantastical locations, and plenty of CGI.

DC Entertainment has posted a new featurette breaking down the many special effects that went into the making of Wonder Woman with VFX producer Amber Hirsch. In the video, Hirsch discusses the inspirations for Themyscira, making the film more colorful than the average DCEU affair, and the creation of the now-famous No Man's Land sequence.

The video also highlights one of the film's earliest action scenes, where the German forces invade Themyscira and find the island's inhabitants to be more than a match for their advanced technology. Though some training scenes showed the Amazons fighting earlier, it's this scene that truly displays their prowess in battle and allows the movie to parallel the Old and New Worlds colliding in a visceral manner. Not only that, but it serves as a wonderful highlight for Antiope's power and skill.

Though we still have plenty of questions about the world of Wonder Woman, the film provided an exciting entry into the hero's world and helped to improve the DCEU as a whole. It also functions as a commentary on war itself, becoming the highest-grossing World War I film of all time in the process.

With the movie going strong in theaters, expect even more details to emerge in the coming days along with plenty of additional behind-the-scenes looks at the film. When the dust settles, Wonder Woman may just be the superhero film to beat this year.

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Source: DC Entertainment

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