Six New Wonder Woman Clips Give Best Look At Film Yet

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Wonder Woman just released a slew of new clips that give the longest, clearest look at the movie yet. Gal Gadot is ready to take center stage as Diana Prince, the Amazonian princess who develops into the title character to fight in World War I. The final trailer revealed some of the key elements of the Wonder Woman story and gave glimpses of some of its more explosive action scenes.

However, besides the trailers and plenty of images, Wonder Woman hasn't revealed many closer looks at the movie. There hasn't been a whole lot of the scenes between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) beyond one recent clip, and there haven't been many extended looks at Wonder Woman in action beyond a clip of her fighting General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston). A slew of new extended clips from the movie changes that.

Warner Bros. released a trove of new Wonder Woman clips, giving the best glimpse yet at some of the movie's more important moments. First up [above] is an extended look at the "Training" scene, pitting Diana Prince against the powerful warrior Antiope (Robin Wright), who teaches Diana some valuable lessons in combat before Diana unleashes her true power - with a knowing smirk.

Next is a clip called "Spy," in which Steve Trevor explains himself to Diana and Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) while in the grip of the Lasso of Truth. Trevor reveals himself as a spy, as the clip highlights the movie's refreshing sense of humor in the process:

The third clip, "Anything Else?" is an extended version of a previously released clip in which Diana protects Steve from a group of men hunting him down in an alley. The extended version of the clip reveals that Steve is actively hiding from his pursuers as a confused Diana follows along:

The fourth clip is called "Hand That Over" and reveals more of the movie's sense of humor. It's an extended clip of a scene revealed in previous trailers, in which Diana has trouble looking inconspicuous as she walks around with a sword and shield:

Clip number 5, "Terrible Idea," reveals some of the tension that arises between Diana and Steve, as well as more humor. Steve briefly uses the Lasso of Truth to prove to Diana he's not lying to her in that moment, only to immediately regret his decision:

The sixth and final clip, "Cleaning House," simply reveals some good old-fashioned action as a fully realized Wonder Woman kicks butt against a room full of enemies. It gives a big glimpse of the stylish and kinetic action scenes that director Patty Jenkins has described as "character-driven."

The clips reveal that Diana Prince will face plenty of internal and external conflicts, not only to become a powerful warrior and leave her homeland to join the war but to adjust to her new surroundings in WWI-era Europe. Other clips, especially those with Steve Trevor, show off the movie's sense of humor, something that has been much needed in the DCEU and could give hope to fans expecting Wonder Woman to be the best entry yet in the DC Extended Universe.

There may still be questions about the plot and pacing of Wonder Woman, even with the benefit of these scenes. But it's becoming more clear that the movie won't be short on action, humor, or conflict. It remains to be seen how well the movie puts all of these scenes together, but these new clips are certainly promising.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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