Wonder Woman TV Spots: First Look at Ares in Disguise?

Warner Bros debuts new Wonder Woman TV spots that potentially give viewers their first look at David Thewlis as Ares in Patty Jenkins' entry in the DC Extended Universe. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) first appeared in last year's official launchpad of the DCEU, Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, where she became a favorite among fans despite not having as much screen time as Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) or Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck).

She's next set to star in Jenkins' Wonder Woman, which follows the younger Diana - princess of Themyscira - as she travels from her home into the human world during World War I. Then, Diana Prince will return later this year in Snyder's Justice League. Now, a new TV spot for the upcoming Wonder Woman solo vehicle has debuted online.

Warner Bros. released two new Wonder Woman TV spots with little more than a month left before the film's early June premiere. The short teaser [above] highlights Gadot's Diana entering into the human world with the assist from Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) as he gives her the surname of Prince - since "princess of Themyscira" likely wouldn't go over well with the character played by Thewlis. Additionally, the TV spot features the tagline: "The future of justice begins with her" - a clear reference to her appearance in Justice League later this year. Meanwhile, the below spot highlights Diana's power.

In addition to being a reference to Justice League, the tagline also establishes Diana as the first member within the DCEU of DC's famous superhero team - much like Steve Rogers' Captain America (Chris Evans) was The First Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though she wasn't the focus of Batman V Superman, her alliance with Bruce Wayne set the stage for the pair assembling the titular team in Snyder's Justice League. Now, with Wonder Woman depicting the origin story of Diana, fans will get to spend plenty of time with the beloved DC superhero.

As for the footage included in the new Wonder Woman spots, the exchange between Diana and Steve certainly offers fans a taste of what to expect from their dynamic once the film premieres. More importantly, that particular scene also gives viewers their first look at Thewlis, who is playing Ares according to reports that surfaced earlier this month. Jenkins recently teased the inclusion of Ares in Wonder Woman, calling him the hero's "greatest villain," which promises an epic battle for Diana in the DC Comics character's first live-action solo film. Of course, it's unclear whether Thewlis is playing Ares, especially since the second TV spot positions Danny Huston as that particular villain.

The new Wonder Woman TV spots arrive online amid criticisms recently that there hasn't been as much marketing for Jenkins' DCEU entry as other tentpole blockbuster superhero films. With only five weeks left until Diana Prince's solo movie hits theaters, these new teasers are likely just the start of Warner Bros' big promotional push for Wonder Woman.

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Source: Warner Bros

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