While critics seem to be supportive of the film thus far, fans are still eagerly waiting to be able to see it, and Warner Bros is happy to help out with more new clips to tease some of what’s to come on June 2nd. Trailers and previously released clips have put a focus on Wonder Woman’s prowess in battle, with shots of her wielding her lasso and generally kicking some bad guy butt. Now, a new clip follows suit, revealing a never-before-seen battle from the movie.

The clip, an IGN exclusive, was posted to Twitter today and shows Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) going head to head with German General Ludendorff (Danny Huston). The tweet is captioned: “Watch this exclusive clip and see what happens when you try and mess with #WonderWoman​!” The clip is just over a minute long.

Wonder Woman Bracelets Wonder Woman Shows Off Amazonian Battle Training In New Clip

General Ludendorff will be making his DCEU debut in Wonder Woman, although it is unlikely that he will be seen again in the future given the time period that this film is set in. The character is also based on a real German general from the first world war, which is an interesting choice for the film to make. From the clip, it looks like Wonder Woman is duking it out with Ludendorff on a boat, although there’s no indication of why she has sought him out.

As well as being another fantastic look at Wonder Woman’s fighting abilities, this clip shows Ludendorff holding up impressively well against the Amazon warrior – which suggests that he may well have some help. At the start of the clip, Diana is able to fling someone off the side without any problem, so Ludendorff’s ability to actually knock her down may point to Ares giving him a little help with his fighting. The clip doesn’t confirm this, however, and so it doesn’t give anything away about the film or Wonder Woman’s enemies. Still, it’s a great teaser for a movie that looks like it could be the biggest hit of the DCEU so far.

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Source: IGN

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