Wonder Woman's Twin Brother is Coming To DC

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for DC's Darkseid War


Well DC Comics fans, the time has come for Wonder Woman to track down her long lost twin brother, Jason. Before the DC "Rebirth" officially began, fans were given the bombshell reveal of Diana's twin brother, Jason, as part of a comic event known as "The Darkseid War." It was just one of a handful of twists and changes to the DC Universe in the Darkseid/Anti-Monitor showdown that helped to launch the DC "Rebirth" proper, and DC has now unveiled the new creative team set to bring Diana face to face with the first man to ever set foot on Paradise Island.

As writer Grek Rucka's run on Wonder Woman comes to an end, Shea Fontana and artist Mirka Andolfo will begin a five-issue story introducing a new villain hunting down Amazon DNA over the summer. Once September strikes, DC has revealed that the long-awaited "Children of the Gods" story will begin, sending Diana in search of her long lost brother - just in time for a "cosmic threat" that may depend on both of their abilities.

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While the reveal of Diana's twin brother will send casual DC fans, or Wonder Woman movie fans reeling, it's a story that Geoff Johns introduced himself - so allow us to break down the most pertinent plot details fans should know.

It All Begins With The Amazon 'Chosen One'

As we mentioned, the shocking existence of Diana's brother was dropped in "Darkseid War" running from Justice League #40-50. It was part of a much larger story centered on Grail, the daughter of Darkseid and the Amazon called Myrina. Having fathered and delivered the child in secret, Myrina had raised the child in hopes that she would grow powerful enough to kill Darkseid. When her sisters learned of the horrible war Grail was prophesied to cause, Myrina was forced to kill them and flee Themyscira. She trained Grail to be the best of the Amazons in combat, and instilled in her a lust for the destruction of her father.

That ultimately led to "Darkseid War," as Grail searched far and wide for a power great enough to kill Darkseid - and found the Anti-Monitor, the famous destroyer of entire universes. The plan soon spun wildly out of control: Anti-Monitor succeeded in killing Darkseid, but Grail then removed the source of his power - the 'Anti-Life Equation' - and injected it into Steve Trevor (yes, that Steve Trevor). To the horror of Diana and the entire Justice League, the human soldier had been turned into a living weapon as part of an ancient Amazon prophecy Grail was trying to bring to fruition.

The prophecy spoke of the first man to set foot on Themyscira being 'The Chosen One.' "Chosen" for what was something even Diana didn't know. But it didn't matter... because Steve wasn't the first.

Jason, Wonder Woman's Secret Twin Brother

The above comic panel shows that Batman alone knew Steve Trevor was the second man to set foot on Themyscira, thanks to his time in the all-knowing Mobius Chair (which he no longer occupies, so don't fret that detail). Soon after, Myrina sacrificed herself to put an end to her daughter's madness - but made sure to give her Princess all the information she had been keeping secret.

You see, as completely unheard of as natural pregnancy or childbirth was among the Amazons (the same origin as the Wonder Woman movie is being used) there were actually two women giving birth the night that Diana came into the world. As Queen Hippolyta went into labor, Myrina gave birth to Grail, before running to see the royal baby who would share a birthday with her daughter. She witnessed the birth of Diana... and the shock of the second child to follow her out of the womb.

It's only at the very end of "Darkseid War" that Diana is given a break to consider the words passed to her with Myrina's last breaths. The baby boy, Diana's twin, Jason faced an uncertain fate. He could have been killed on the spot, or died soon after (since this is the world of comic books we're talking about, that definitely didn't happen). But if he was secreted off of Paradise Island, he would be alive in the world - meaning the threat of the Amazon prophecy is still alive and well. And Diana isn't likely to be the only one to recently learn of her brother's existence.

The months since Wonder Woman: Rebirth began have been devoted to getting to the bottom of the "lies" Myrina also warned of, leaving the question of Jason's whereabouts or adopted identity a total mystery. Thankfully, Diana will finally be able to put aside one solved mystery for another this September. Even if the reader knows just as little about the prophecy of, or true intention behind this "Chosen One" as Diana herself, you can bet that the culmination of this Geoff Johns-planted seed will be one for the history books.

The Truth is Coming To Wonder Woman Comics

As mentioned above, the mystery of "Children of the Gods" begins in Wonder Woman #31, releasing this September - just one week after Gail Simone's Wonder Woman/Conan team-up launches. It's the start of a strange new chapter of Diana's story, and the question of her newfound brother falls to writer James Robinson and artists Carlo Pagulayan and Emanuela Lupacchino. So far all we have to go on is the official synopsis, confirming that this twin brother is much more than a fake-out or false lead:

Spinning out of the pages of DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH and JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR, legendary writer James Robinson (JSA: THE GOLDEN AGE, STARMAN) comes on board to answer one of the biggest questions of the year: Who is Wonder Woman’s brother? Taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night, the mysterious Jason has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men…but his life and Wonder Woman’s are about to intersect in a terrifying way, bringing them face to face with a cosmic threat they never imagined! Don’t miss the start of the next great Wonder Woman epic!

The good news is that fans have plenty of time to debate their feelings on this shocking twist on Diana's history, and the history of the Amazons. There's no question the 'twins' fit into the classical mythology fueling much of Themyscira, and the question of what powers, or what heroism Jason possesses is instantly a compelling question. What should we expect from the only Son of the Amazons?

We'll all find out in September, so until then, leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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Wonder Woman #31 will be released September 27, 2017.

Source: DC Comics

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