Wonder Woman TV Spot Challenges Batman and Superman

The latest Wonder Woman TV spot dismisses Batman and Superman, positioning Diana Prince as the hero of the world.

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— Warner Bros. SG (@WarnerBrosSG) May 7, 2017

Warner Bros. continues to push Wonder Woman forward ahead of its release, and this hero isn't content with saving just a city. WB has recently come under fire for a "lack" of marketing and focus that some perceived Wonder Woman to be receiving. Since that point however - and just as fellow superhero blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ends its marketing blitz - Gal Gadot's solo film has kicked into full gear.

The film has seen a flurry of TV spots, including a sneak peek attached to Gotham, and more released over the past few weeks. To cap off a strong push, Wonder Woman is prepping for a final trailer or new clip to air tonight, but before that another TV spot has come out, promoting her as a hero of the entire world.

Warner Bros. Singapore debuted a new spot today on Twitter that compares the latest hero of the DCEU to her male counterparts. Whereas Batman patrols Gotham and Superman protects Metropolis, the spot boasts Wonder Woman as a hero that claims the entire world as her domain.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Even though all of the Justice League heroes do look to protect the globe, it is a true statement that Wonder Woman does not have a specific location that she focuses her attention on. Now that she has left Themyscira, World War I will be the catalyst that puts her in the position to be Earth's new hero. Even though she will clearly be successful in saving the world from villain Ares' master plan, the events she goes through will see her lose faith in humanity, putting her in the position she is in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Thankfully, director Patty Jenkins and co. will have plenty of time to make this transition. Wonder Woman has a reported runtime of 141 minutes, which will keep it in line with the DCEU films that came before. The film is already tracking to have a very respectable opening in the heart of the summer, but many expect these projections to rise once reviews come out. The very first reaction compared the film to Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger. If Wonder Woman can receive similarly positive reviews, it should do much better at the box office than Marvel's period piece. This will especially be true if these TV spots and other marketing materials can continue to deliver intriguing pieces like this.

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Source: Warner Bros. Singapore

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