'Wonder Woman' Set Photos Show Villain Takedown

Still cringing at the sight of Adrianne Palicki in the Wonder Woman costume? Maybe these action shots from the set will help persuade you.

The new series of photos presumably come from Wonder Woman's Hollywood filming locale, at a mall or other indoor location. The photos show Wonder Woman leaning over and injecting a fallen enemy with a hypodermic needle. There's very little context beyond that, though we do know that collapsed actor is Joseph Gatt, who will be playing John O’Quinn in the pilot.

There's a few more revealing shots of Palicki's costume, particularly the new-and improved boots, the back of the costume and the lasso. You can also see some of the detail work on Wonder Woman's bucklers; note the stylized "W" running around the band.

The more controlled lighting of this location lets us see how Wonder Woman will look the majority of the time she's in costume. The glare on the red top is reduced considerably, and you can get a better impression of the slinky material used for the blue pants.

Unfortunately, these new shots don't inspire much confidence in the redesigned costume. While it's certainly an improvement on the original, the overall feeling of cheesy, improvised work persists. Note the large seams on the back of Wonder Woman's top, and the glittery texture of the lasso - it's hard to imagine that snaking out to ensnare a villain or monster.

Check out the images below - click for a larger version:

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There's also a new snippet from the script. While low on dialog, it gives us a feel of what the writers intend the special effects to look like. We can also tell that Wonder Woman's definitely a Los Angeles celebrity - she's quickly swamped by locals and tourists after making the bust.

A small piece of Script from the upcoming Wonder Woman series.


To say that I'm apprehensive to see David E. Kelley's interpretation of the classic femme heroine would be an understatement. While all bets are off until the NBC premiere, I can't help but think that Wonder Woman will leave fans of the comic books and classic TV show underwhelmed. Maybe the recent news of a Wonder Woman movie will cheer them up.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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