Jeffrey Reiner to Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot

Director for Wonder Woman pilot Jeffrey Reiner

There has been so much back-and-forth regarding the upcoming Wonder Woman series from David E. Kelley that, for those anticipating the return of Diana Prince to the airwaves, the most recent news is actually a bit of a palate cleanser.

After receiving the go ahead from NBC in late January, word soon came that Terminator Salvation director McG had been approached to helm the Wonder Woman pilot. However, those plans fell apart due to scheduling conflicts, and the search was once again on for a director. Instead of putting a big film director behind the lens for the premiere episode, veteran television director Jeffery Reiner is finalizing a deal direct. Reiner would be a good choice, especially for the network, since in addition to working as a director and producer for the acclaimed Friday Night Lights, he’s handled pilots for The Event and Trauma for NBC, as well as the pilot episode of SyFy’s Caprica—all of which went to series (at least for awhile).


Going off what we already know about the series, Wonder Woman will require a director capable of balancing the extraordinary with the seemingly mundane. A perusal of Reiner’s resume shows him to be more than capable of harmonizing the corporate Diana Prince with her super alter ego. Think a blend of the emotional elements of Friday Night Lights with the fantastic aspects of The Event and Caprica. Reiner’s handled them all, and those chops suggest he is definitely the man to direct this pilot.

Not only does Reiner have the right tools for the job, he’s also less likely to be scrutinized than a polarizing director like McG. Sure, the three-lettered one would have added some marketing firepower for the pilot, but he can also be a lightning rod for one of the most vocal groups in all of media: comic book fans. Maybe this choice in director is exactly what Wonder Woman needs in order to better sell the re-imagining of one of DC Comics’ trinity characters; going with a guy like Reiner will allow them to hook viewers on the premise of Wonder Woman, not the name of the pilot director.

Besides, Wonder Woman already has David E. Kelley’s name attached, and though we’ve heard little from him in recent years, it is still a name that many find synonymous with great television. As the show begins to amp up production and steps into the potentially-frenzied waters of casting Diana, having the experience of Reiner to rely on will obviously help lead them to a stronger pilot and a better chance at getting picked up for series.

Undoubtedly, the next step in the process will be finding the right lady to don the bracelets and make us forget our crush on Lynda Carter. As the Wonder Woman casting process heats up, we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Deadline

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