'Wonder Woman' TV Show Audition Scenes Detailed

The 'Wonder Woman' TV series has officially begun auditions. How significant is it that the scenes being used seem taken from the animated feature?

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have got a taste of success, and are making the most of it. Wonder Woman may have proven to be one of the most difficult-to-adapt comic properties, but now that The CW's Arrow has been met with critical praise and the highest network ratings in years, both parties are taking their shot, and aiming high.

We now know that casting is underway for a small-screen Diana, although questions about the tone and supernatural elements the show will focus on still remain. Luckily, a few new details on the scenes being used to test potential women of wonder provide some hints.

While Arrow may have suddenly boosted confidence in getting Amazon off the ground, those developing the show have some work to do before any crossover plot lines can be written. First and foremost, casting a Diana and Colonel Steve Trevor. Thanks to a few new details on the auditions from WonderWomanTV, the exact scenes being used to screen actors and actresses have been revealed.

From these early signs, it looks like the supernatural or mystical elements of the fiction may not be as important to the show's producers as the human element. And, of course, chemistry:

"In the first scene — which may or may not be part of the actual pilot, should it even be filmed… Steve Trevor has landed, and his hands and feet are cuffed by a chair as Diana tries to figure out his intentions. She notices he has a weapon, and accuses him of being a terrorist, or even a diversion or harbinger of an invasion of men.

"In another scene, Diana and Steve are at a diner, we assume in Man’s World, and are a lot more friendly. There, Diana has her first taste of ice cream, in a very cute sequence."

For casual observers, it may be hard to believe that any TV show or movie built around Wonder Woman is a simple thing to get made, let alone be successful. The previous NBC pilot was a disaster, and even Joss Whedon's plan for a feature film stalled before development. As important to the conversation as the world's most famous super-woman may be, the record shows that making it work on film (considering the expectations for modern super power adaptations) is near impossible.

But as we have maintained since the beginning (and listeners to the Screen Rant Underground will remember us hotly debating the fact during our Justice League movie talk), those charged with the task are making things more difficult than necessary; all Warner Bros. need do is follow the lead of the Wonder Woman animated movie. And if these two scenes are a sign of the direction being taken, fans may be in luck.

Wonder Woman Animated Movie Screenshot

It's unlikely that Amazon's pilot will be an adaptation of director Lauren Montgomery's animated film (although...there's an idea), but the fact that the scenes in question seem right at home in the feature are promising. Whether this is simply a case of a pilot script not being completed, or inspiration taken from Gail Simone and Michael Jelenic's story, we're certainly more optimistic.

The chemistry between Steve and Diana, or 'Pete' and 'Iris' as they're being codenamed for now, was one of the most enjoyable aspects of Montgomery's film, aided greatly by vocal performances from Nathan Fillion and Keri Russell. A sign that the same fiery relationship will be playing a significant role in casting promises some potential sparks for viewers, offering something that Arrow has yet to establish (for now, any way).

We'll keep you updated as more Amazon and Wonder Woman news arrives.


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Source: Wonder Woman TV (via CBM)

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