Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

Wonder Woman TV show

Warner Bros. and their newfound DC Entertainment division will be banking heavily on comic book properties going forward to represent their key summer tentpoles and other blockbuster franchises in the post-Harry Potter era. Batman 3 is on the way; the Green Lantern franchise is prepping for its launch and Superman is getting a reboot. Outside of The Flash, the other key DC character many have been waiting for is Wonder Woman. Where is she and what's taking so long?

There's certainly a lot of interest in bringing back Wonder Woman, and for years Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver had talent involved with early development of a feature film, but it simply was never able to get off the ground. Joss Whedon was attached a few years back but eventually parted ways. More recently, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner made it public that she was campaigning to produce the Wonder Woman movie, explaining that there is a lot of potential for the character. Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn even mentioned earlier this summer that he wanted to direct.

Despite all of that interest, a direct-to-video animated film last year, and the studio beginning to launch its DC Comics live-action film universe, Wonder Woman may not be taking part and instead, she will be getting her own new television series. According to a report today from The Hollywood Reporter, WB is planning a modernized reboot of Wonder Woman with David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) as the likely candidate to write and produce.

One long-standing issue regarding a new live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman was her costume which many hold as too extreme and impractical as a uniform to fight in - that and it's a bit degrading. It simply looks too ridiculous for someone to wear in today's modern and more reality-based comic book adaptations. Conveniently enough, this has been remedied with the new and drastically different Wonder Woman costume designed for the 600th issue of the comic book series.

New Wonder Woman costume

There is  no doubt that part (or all) of the reasoning behind this redesign came from those high up in the WB food chain with the idea of making the character more contemporary and ripe for expansion into other mediums. As it stands, that next medium seems to be live-action TV. Will such a series be truer to the comics, or will it be more along the lines of CW's successful Smallville series?

If they ever want to do a Justice League movie down the road, isn't Wonder Woman necessary on the movie side of things as well? Perhaps this will build up to that and help generate more interest and knowledge of the character.

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Source:  THR

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