More Details On Villains in 'Wonder Woman' Pilot

Another one of DC Comics' most recognizable characters is about to enter the mainstream through a new series on NBC. While her male Justice League counterparts are getting the Hollywood treatment, Wonder Woman is making her way to television with Adrianne Palicki starring as the Amazonian Princess.

In the Wonder Woman pilot, we already knew Elizabeth Hurley (pictured above) would be playing the main villain, courtesy of her own revealing tweets, but we now know she wont be alone in battling DC's lead superheroine.

After Hurley spilled the beans of her involvement in the pilot, it was later confirmed that she'd be playing Veronica Cale, a character from the Wonder Woman comics whose jealousy and hatred of Princess Diana of Themyscira puts her at odds with our hero, who also will take the form of Palicki's corporate version of the character (named Diana Prince).

As it turns out, Cale will have help in her conquest to take down Wonder Woman in the form of John O'Quinn. From what I've learned, O'Quinn works for Veronica Cale as a physical presence against Wonder Woman. Joseph Gatt, who is playing one of the Frost Giants in Thor, is guest starring as O'Quinn in the action-heavy bad guy role. Gatt is known for his motion capture work, playing Kratos, the star of the God of War video game franchise.

O'Quinn wasn't one of the of previously listed characters of the Wonder Woman pilot, but this news does indicate that the series premiere wont just be a female villain vs. a female superhero, and that Palicki will be getting physical against her enemies.

While we expect Hurley will have a reoccurring role as Cale if the series is picked up for a full season, we don't yet know to what extent the character of John O'Quinn will be involved in the potential longer term for Wonder Woman.

Can such a show work as an NBC primetime hit? Is a modern day Wonder Woman (costume and all) something mainstream audiences can buy into?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

If picked up, Wonder Woman will hit this fall on NBC.

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