Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer Analysis & Discussion

We examine the first trailer for Wonder Woman, discussing what it may reveal of the film's plot and highlighting our favorite moments.

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During their Hall H panel earlier today, Warner Bros. kicked it off strong by unveiling quite a bit from their upcoming slate of DC films. There was the first footage from Justice League as well as the first official image of the gathered team (including Superman), a new sizzle reel for Suicide Squad, and the very first trailer for Wonder Woman.

This year marks Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary, and her fans are more than ready for her first ever live-action movie. Judging by the trailer - which received a very enthusiastic reaction both in the hall and on social media - Diana is finally receiving the big screen treatment she deserves. Below we're breaking down the Wonder Woman trailer and looking for whatever clues it can provide about the upcoming film.

Washed Ashore

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Steve Diana Washed Ashore

Though audiences have already met Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman, it'll be her origin story we'll see in Wonder Woman, where Gal Gadot will depict a much younger and inexperienced Diana. And as ever, a key element of Wonder Woman's origin is her discovery of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), almost always a soldier in some capacity, washed up on Themyscira's (or Paradise Island's, if you prefer) shore. He's the first man to have ever set foot on the Amazonian's home, at least so far as she's aware, and their meeting is the catalyst for Diana's journey into the world of man, where she acts as an ambassador for the Amazons.


Wonder Woman Comic Con Triailer Breakdown Themyscira

The vast majority of this trailer (and potentially the film, if that's the case) features Diana in our world, which at the time is in the grip of the First World War. What we have here, however, is one of our only looks at Themyscria, home of the Amazons. Not exactly a throne room since there doesn't appear to be a throne (unless that's what those structures in the background are, which is quite possible), but more like a senate; note the chairs on either side, suggesting this is a place of debate and discussion. Still, Hippolyta is queen, meaning she has the final word; she's located near the center, the highest on the stairs, and it seems as if her daughter, Diana stands a few steps below. It's possible, then, that this shot comes from the scene in where Hippolyta grants Diana permission to leave Themyscira and act as their emissary.

Queen Hippolyta

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Hippolyta

Following that above shot, we get our only good look at Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen). Again, since it doesn't seem as if Wonder Woman will dwell in Themyscira for long, her role probably isn't all that big. This scene also most likely comes from Diana's departure, either right before or after the more official announcement above. In it, Hippolyta tells Diana she is "her greatest love," which is how most parents think of their children, but in Wonder Woman's first origin, Hippolyta's want of a child was so strong she crafted a baby out of clay that was then later gifted life by the gods. More recent comics have since altered that origin, but it seems that at least in some sense, Hippolyta's strong love and devotion to (sometimes expressed through an urge to overprotect) her daughter remains.

The World At War

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Train Station

Wonder Woman was created during the Second World War, so her origin both in fiction and the real world has always been strongly tied to coming into this world during wartime, with herself being from a society that though trained for battle is, for the most part, peaceful. Her outsider perspective, which in many ways is only enhanced by her being a woman, is an interesting dynamic to explore and one that Wonder Woman has chosen to do against the backdrop of the First World War. This scene at the train station - following one of Diana and Steve in their civilian attire - emphasizes the difference between serene Themyscira and the chaos of world facing a most deadly war.

"They Do Not Deserve You"

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Danny Huston

After the scene of the train station, the Wonder Woman trailer cuts to Diana in a stunning, blue ball gown, accompanied by what is (presumably) a voiceover continuation of Hippolyta speaking to her daughter, saying: "Be careful, Diana. They do not deserve you." Also included is this shot of actor Danny Huston in an as-of-yet unknown though clearly military role, and given how he's worked in here with this line of warning, he probably shouldn't be trusted.

A Woman Must Accessorize

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Sword Blue Dress

In this same scene, we get a shot of Diana's beautiful dress from the back - where she's turned her sword into something not only functional but fashionable by sheathing it with her gown. And it's the little touches like these that, though little is really revealed about the film's actual plot, really sell Diana's grace and style (as well as preparedness for a fight).

War Wounds

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Elena Anaya

This here is actress Elena Anaya, also appearing in Wonder Woman in an as-of-yet undisclosed role. As you can clearly see, she's wearing a facial prosthetic - not so unlike what Jack Huston's character wore in Boardwalk Empire - suggesting she endured a very nasty injury that severally damaged her face. That implies she's seen combat, making her someone who's been very close or actually in battle. And it's certainly an interesting prospect for Diana to meet a woman who has also seen firsthand the horrors of war.

"I Had No Father"

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown No Father

Of the whole trailer, this exchange right here may be the most revealing. In it, Steve asks Diana of her father to which she responds: "I had no father. I was brought to life by Zeus." Now, this is interesting for a couple of reasons - first, in Wonder Woman's most widely accepted origin, she was created from clay by Hippolyta and gifted life as well as her enhanced abilities by several of the Greek Pantheon (Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, etc.), not just Zeus, thereby having no "father" in the traditional sense. In the New 52, DC Comics retconned Diana's birth to include that she was actually the biological daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, making her a demi-god. In their current Rebirth line, even that origin is being questioned, but the line as it stands in the trailer certainly implies Diana does not consider Zeus her father - either literally or figuratively. In that case, either her true parentage has been deliberately kept from her (which is very likely) or Wonder Woman is intending to establish a brand new origin for the Amazon Princess.

General Antiope

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Antiope

This next sequence offers some fantastic shots of the Amazons in battle, and in particular Robin Wright's General Antiope (center). The action is absolutely brutal but there's a real artistry to a few of these shots as well - especially one incredible shot where Antiope has managed to somehow propel herself into the air, above the enemy (clearly WWI-era soldiers, implying there may be other men who arrive on Themyscira who aren't greeted as gently as Steve Trevor), and shoots the soldiers from behind with her bow as she lands.

"What I Do Is Not Up To You"

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Diana

What follows is a montage of fast cuts that features both Diana and Steve getting their hands dirty, including the above shot of Diana easily disarming a soldier we can only assume was being disrespectful. She later throws him across the room with barely any effort. During this montage - which also includes several shots of a WWI battlefield and Diana, in full Wonder Woman regalia, emerging from a trench - Steve can be heard telling Diana: "I can't let you do this." What the "this" is isn't entirely clear, but it's almost laughable to think Steve is going to be able to stop her. The montage highlights quite a few of Wonder Woman's impressive feats, ending with her firmly declaring: "What I do is not up to you."

The Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Lasso of Truth

One of many moments in where Wonder Woman can be seen laying waste to soldiers left and right includes her using her most signature weapon - the Lasso of Truth. Traditionally, the Lasso was a gift to the Amazons from the gods and whenever anyone was bound by it, they were compelled to speak the truth. It is also quite functional as a regular lasso and is near impossible to break. In these scenes, the effect of a glowing, golden lasso against the grim, war-torn streets looks fantastic, as does how Wonder Woman uses it in battle.

A Most Useful Shield

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Shield

Move over Captain America, there's a new hero in town who has a shield and knows how to use it. In this montage we not only see Wonder Woman use her shield to coolly deflect an incoming mortar, she uses it to withstand suppressing fire in what is, without a doubt, one of the trailer's most breathtaking moments. Wonder Woman will also, later on, use her shield to initiate a spinning leg kick in the sequences where she's fighting several soldiers at once, displaying some of the film's impressive fight choreography.

Back Breaking Battle

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Broken Rifle

The final fight featured in the Wonder Woman trailer is absolutely littered with moments that leave us awestruck, but Wonder Woman shattering a rifle against her back might just be the best of the bunch. Unlike Superman, she isn't bullet proof, but who needs to be bullet proof when you're so agile and strong you can deflect bullets and smash guns?

Etta Candy

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer Breakdown Etta Candy

Lastly, the Wonder Woman trailer ends on a comedic beat with Diana's introduction to Etta Candy. In the comics, Etta has often been depicted as a bold and sassy women, a little on the plump side (which depending on the iteration, she either embraces or is self-conscious of), but always becomes a dear friend of Diana. In the New 52, Etta was made Steve Trevor's secretary, something the film is obviously including as well. This scene in particular - what with Diana's equating Etta's role as a secretary to one of enslavement - but also her exchanges with Steve throughout the trailer highlight the levity Wonder Woman is hoping to inject into their film, giving us something we didn't see much from her character in Batman V Superman.

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Those are some of our favorite moments from the Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailer, as well as some theories as to what it may all mean for the film's plot. What cool beats or interesting bits did you spot in the trailer? Let us hear from you in the comments!

Suicide Squad is scheduled to arrive in theaters on August 5, 2016; Wonder Woman is slated for release on June 2, 2017; followed by Justice League on November 17, 2017; Aquaman on July 27, 2018; an untitled DC Film on October 5, 2018; Shazam on April 5, 2019; Justice League 2 on June 14, 2019; an untitled DC film on November 1, 2019; Cyborg on April 3, 2020; and Green Lantern Corps on July 24, 2020. The Flash is currently without a release date.

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