Wonder Woman Mattel Toy Line Debuts Exclusively at Wal-Mart

The DCEU kicks off its 2017 with Wonder Woman, hitting theaters this June ahead of the big DC ensemble flick Justice League in November. With only a couple of months to go before the film hits the big screen, marketing for Wonder Woman is in full swing, and that means more than just trailers and promo shots. Fans of the iconic DC character are also getting treated to a whole slew of toys and collectibles tied into the film, and these figures are starting to hit shelves this spring.

One of the LEGO Wonder Woman sets has already been revealed, sparking speculation about the role that Ares may play in the film, given that his figure is featured prominently on the box. We have also seen popular Funko Pop! Vinyl figures from the film, including Diana in period costume and in her Amazonian outfits. Now, another toy line has been announced, along with the reveal of two figures that will be part of the dolls on offer.

The toys are figurines of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in the turtleneck and jacket we have seen in trailers, as well as Wonder Woman in her Themyscira dress and sandals, holding a sword. The image, revealed by THR, shows the dolls out of the box, so there is no info on packaging, or on other figures that may also be in the same line. These figures are part of a line from Warner Brothers and Mattel, which will debut exclusively at Wal-Mart for the month of April. In May, more Wonder Woman toys are on the way at the retail giant, including products by Jakks Pacific, Funko and Fisher-Price.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor Mattel Dolls


This is fairly standard for merchandise marketing related to a blockbuster film, with retailers and studios creating demand with a big roll-out and exclusive items. Hot Topic routinely has exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures, as do conventions and other retails outlets. Warner Bros. Consumer Products president Pam Lifford said of the rollout:

We’re thrilled to bring Wonder Woman front and center to retailers worldwide in support of her first solo feature film. WBCP has developed an incredible assortment of trend-right products in collaboration with our best-in-class licensees, allowing fans of all ages to express their fandom and bring Wonder Woman's empowerment, inspiration and beauty to life.

More images of upcoming tie-in toys for the movie are sure to be revealed in the coming months as the marketing ramps up ahead of the film's release, and for once, there can be no doubt that the merchandise will heavily feature a female superhero!

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Source: THR

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