Wonder Woman Lifts a Tank in New RealD Poster

Wonder Woman kneeling sunset poster

Wonder Woman marketing has kicked into high gear with a new RealD poster showing her lift a tank. Six new clips recently gave us our best look at the movie yet, revealing its broad range of action, humor, and drama. While various posters have promoted the film's multiple stars, including Gal Gadot (Diana Price), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) and Robin Wright (General Antiope). Yet what seems to thrill fans the most is seeing the Amazon Princess posing in all her glory.

The first Wonder Woman poster released last year at Comic Con benefited from this fact, simply showing the superheroine standing in shadow — majestic, beautiful, and strong. Later posters have featured her in action, preparing for battle, swinging her lasso, readying her sword or even using her indestructible bracelets. This movie will be the first time Wonder Woman is seen on the big screen, and Warner Bros. is clearly making the most of it.

The new poster below advertising the film's run in 3D, however, might just be their best one yet. In it not only does Wonder Woman look strong and beautiful as before, but here she's also powerful in a way we haven't seen. Contrasted in the images of war from the rubble on the ground and the tank above her head, she still stand serene and unbreakable. It's quite a fitting image for the promotion of RealD 3D, as Diana is definitely large and in charge.

RealD 3D is the newest kid on the block for watching 3D movies in the theater. Since 2003, it has become the most prevalent technology in cinemas worldwide. Unlike IMAX 3D, it uses a circular polarizing technique to achieve 3D, which means viewers can still maintain a clear image when turning or tilting their heads. Of course, IMAX 3D will still be available for fans wanting to see Wonder Woman on an even bigger screen than normal, but RealD 3D provides another option depending on preference.

Astute comic book fans may also notice this image of Wonder Woman looks a lot like Action Comics #1 from 1938 where Superman is lifting a car and showing off his strength. The same shot has since been reproduced in numerous Superman movies from the 1978 iteration to Superman Returns and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Only this time around, Wonder Woman is the one doing the heavy lifting, and she's more appropriately lifting a 28-ton tank. At the end of the day, though, this new poster does exactly what its supposed to, which is get theatergoers even more excited to see the Amazonian on the big screen at last.

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