Wonder Woman Marketing Costs Are Currently More Than Suicide Squad's

A new report compares and reveals just how much more Warner Bros. is spending on Wonder Woman marketing than they did for Suicide Squad.

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Despite some audible concern from fans, Warner Bros. looks to be giving Wonder Woman its fair share of marketing and promotion... so far, at least. That's not surprising necessarily either, since last year, the studio brought three of their most well-known superheroes onscreen together for the first time in Batman V Superman, and were still met with some very divisive reactions from fans regarding the actual quality of the film itself. So now this year, not only is Warner Bros. preparing to give many comic book fans something they've been waiting their entire lives to see once again with the release of their standalone Wonder Woman film, but the movie is also garnering even more positive hype behind it than either Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman did.

Taking place in the 1920s, Wonder Woman will tell the origin story of its titular character, following Diana as she grows up and trains on her Amazonian island of Themyscira, before deciding to venture into the world of man for the first time to try and help the Allies win the first World War. But while the film's trailers have all been incredibly well-received, some fans have called out Warner Bros. for seemingly releasing more trailers, TV Spots, and promotional materials for Suicide Squad and Justice League than they have been for Wonder Woman.

However, a new report by Vanity Fair points out that just the opposite is true so far. In fact, with five weeks still to go until the film hits theaters, Warner Bros. has reportedly spent $3,043,212 on ads for Wonder Woman up until this point, which is significantly more than the $2,645,643 WB spent on ads for Suicide Squad five weeks before its release last year. In addition, there have been promotions for the film at the South by Southwest film festival last month, WonderCon, the Kids Choice Awards, and the NCAA finals, plus the recent release of two more trailers for the film last week.

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So Warner Bros. appears to be dedicating as much money to promotions and marketing on Wonder Woman as can be expected. Now, so long as the studio doesn't let up on that over the next few weeks - which would be directly contradictory to what a studio should do when releasing one of their biggest films of the year - they should be able to keep anticipation for the film up, and the haters off their heels.

Not only is Wonder Woman going to be the first female-led superhero movie of this post-MCU comic book movie boom, but it's also the first one directed by a female filmmaker, with Patty Jenkins at the helm. So for the millions of fans out there who have been desperately asking for more female representation in the genre, both in front of and behind the camera, Wonder Woman promises to be just that. Now, all that waits to be seen is if the film manages to live up to fan expectations critically, which if so, could be the change in direction that the DCEU is in desperate need of right now.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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