Wonder Woman Stills Show Diana In Themyscira, London and Germany

Official new stills for Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman tease the character's evolution from her origins in Themyscira to the war in Germany.

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A new batch of promotional stills from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman has been released, featuring the Amazonian warrior and her assembled company. Recently complaints have been swirling about the somewhat understated marketing for the first female-led film in the DCEU, although that's beginning to be quashed. It was recently revealed that the marketing costs for Wonder Woman were already higher than that of last year's Suicide Squad, and with the film's release just over a month away that's sure to ramp up.

A recent TV spot highlight Diana Prince's multi-faceted brand of heroism was definitely a step in the right direction. And now Warner Bros. seems to have kicked into gear, releasing a variety of new content.

Six new stills from the movie have been released online, featuring Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in action, a concerned-looking Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui), and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) cutting a very different figure in three strikingly different locations. You can see the full set in the gallery below.

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Wonder Woman is a true origin story, focusing on how Diana becomes a superhero during one of the bloodiest periods in human history, and these images show the full range of that journey; from the home of the Amazons through to Diana on her mission to track down and defeat God of War Ares.

A standout of the images is Lucy Davis as Etta Candy shopping for human clothes with Diana. While Wonder Woman deals with mass carnage and antiquated values, Patty Jenkins always wanted to make the film funny, and the trailers thus far have already flagged up sexism in a very tongue in cheek way. Diana's time in London looks particularly ripe for comedy as the character seems totally out of place in that patriarchal environment.

Diana's strength and power in a military environment has formed the real backbone of the marketing thus far, particularly when its come to the movie's set-pieces. Yet even this came under fire when many began to complain that Chris Pine's character was merely a "dude in distress". As if to allay those fears, Steve Trevor has also been highlighted in the recent stills, taking aim at the enemy as Diana's troop journey through the war. The final still features a fierce Diana at a climactic event that's only been briefly teased in trailers so far, yet it combines both the fashion and function of the film; Diana is hiding the God Killer sword in the back of her dress, and her determination suggests that this is the moment we could finally see the Amazonian go head to head with Ares.

Source: Warner Bros.

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