Listen To The First Official Track From Wonder Woman's Soundtrack

After years - for some fans, decades - of waiting, the release of the first live-action Wonder Woman movie is finally on the horizon. Everyone's favorite Amazon will hopefully lasso us with her charms (and badassery) next Friday - indeed, the critical response indicates that the film will truly delight and inspire DC fans. Naturally, Warner Bros. and DC have been rolling out promotional material like there's no tomorrow.

From candid interviews with Gal Gadot to breathtaking behind-the-scenes footage, these past few weeks have been a visual feast for the Wonder Woman fan. But what about those itching to get the scoop on the film's musical world? A spoiler-teasing track listing broke a couple of weeks ago, and now the wait is over for film score aficionados - the first official song from the Wonder Woman soundtrack has been released.

Warner Bros. dropped the track via WaterTower Music, their in-house record label which will release the official movie soundtrack. The Wonder Woman track by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, titled "Angel on the Wing," will be the third song on the record. It starts out mystical and welcoming, before becoming foreboding and mysterious part-way through, and finally finishing on a hopeful, powerful note. WaterTower also released Sia's official song for the soundtrack, "To Be Human," featuring Labrinth. You can listen to the score track above and check out the Sia addition below.

Since "Angel on the Wing" takes place so early in the score and evokes a sort of ethereal vibe, it seems like the track will play during a sequence on Diana's home of Themyscira. If hero movie convention thus far persists in Wonder Woman, the Sia track will likely play during the credits, offering an upbeat and contemporary take on the hero's struggles and relationship with love interest Steve Trevor.

This track from Gregson-Williams, who also scored recent release Hacksaw Ridge, isn't a far cry from the usual genre fare, but it's still an intriguing introduction into the Wonder Woman world. It's no surprise that most superhero movie soundtracks sound the same nowadays. Whether Wonder Woman will break from the trend is unclear, with a dozen other tracks still to come, but from what we have it certainly sounds promising.

The full Wonder Woman score is set to be released on June 2nd to coincide with the movie's theatrical release.

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Source: WaterTower Music

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