Wonder Woman Gotham Sneak Peek: Diana & Steve Go To London

Warner Bros. is set to make a splash this summer with its big budget solo film featuring the one and only Wonder Woman, and the studio has taken to the television airwaves on the newest episode of Gotham to remind fans that the warrior from Themyscira is on her way to theaters. The clever bit of cross promotion looks set to give both movie and TV series a boost, as fans of the DC Comics-inspired Batman prequel series will no doubt have an interest in seeing Gal Gadot return to the big screen in the role that she has recently become best known for. At the same time, however, some devoted Wonder Woman fans may find themselves tuning in to the FOX series for the first time. Either way, it's a win-win situation for Warner Bros. and the network.

While Gotham is a solid choice to air new footage of Patty Jenkins's upcoming theatrical release, it is a bit odd to think that Warners has chosen not to premiere the sneak peek with one of the handful of DC TV series currently airing on The CW. Whether Supergirl, The Flash, or Arrow, the studio has plenty of superhero TV shows to choose from, and with series that are more closely associated with the DC Universe – though not the DC Extended Universe – than the increasingly villain-centric Gotham.

Still, with the likes of a young, inexperienced, and so far cape-less Bruce Wayne in the lead, not to mention the likes of Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Bullock on hand, perhaps the intention was to align the new Wonder Woman sneak peek more closely with a character she has come to be associated with. Sure, Gadot was last seen palling around with Ben Affleck's version of the moody of Batman, but you never look a gift Caped Crusader in the mouth.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman TV Spot

The footage in the new minute-long trailer isn't too terribly new. There's no glimpse of Ares, or anything like that. Instead, the trailer acts more as a confirmation of just what kind of tonal variance audiences can expect when they head to theaters this summer. While previous promos have shown the lighter interplay between Gadot's Diana Prince and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, this new advertisement is all about their dynamic and the way in which the recent resident of Themyscira responds when she's taken to London in the midst of World War I.

The footage shows a charming relationship between the two, one that's begun with the new familiar (to anyone who's been keeping up with the trailers, anyway) line of Diana telling Steve she was brought to life by Zeus, to which he responds "really?" -- though Pine's response this time appears to be a new edit that essentially functions in the same way as the previous trailers. This new ad also shows Diana's less-than-positive response to seeing London for the first time, which again, adds to the humor that will help balance out the explosive action being teased in other spots and promos for the soon-to-be released film.

All in all, there's not much in the way of new footage being presented here, but what is being shown offers a look at a superhero film that definitely has a lighter side.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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