'Amazon' Update: 'Torchwood' Alum Frontrunner For 'Wonder Woman' TV Show

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Time passes, but it's not getting any easier to know what to expect from CW's Amazon. Much of that is due to the fact that the studio announced the project before a lead actress or pilot script had been decided, but you can't un-ring a bell, and Wonder Woman waits for no man.

Luckily The CW has offered a few updates on how the show - following Wonder Woman on her home of Themyscira, before entering man's world - will work alongside a movie version of the character, and early word is that Scottish actress Amy Manson (Torchwood, Being Human) is among the frontrunners vying for the role.

Those who know Manson from her role as 'Alice Guppy' on the BBC's Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood will know that her credentials aren't lacking; but her name being mentioned will raise eyebrows for a few reasons. Given the initial pitch of Amazon as an "origin story" along the same lines of Smallville, one would think that Manson's age (27) alone would make her a longshot. Perhaps all previous expectations are a bit off the mark.

Scottish website STV has the news that Manson is not only being considered by the show's producers, but has already been through the audition process twice (details on the scenes in question here). If her age isn't an issue, and Amazon's Diana is already a grown woman, perhaps the ties between the TV incarnation of the character will be entirely distinct from what movie fans will witness in Justice League. Or as early as this summer's Man of Steel, if the rumors prove true.

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That's not necessarily a bad thing, even if it makes marketing the show along with a possible movie series a bit more confusing. We had anticipated a younger Diana leading the charge in Amazon, both for the target audience and as a means to explain any differences between Diana's teenage persona and the grown woman who will eventually be seen in movie theaters.

For what it's worth, CW President Mark Pedowitz recently told IGN that contradictions or conflicts with possible movies are something they took their time to avoid:

“We worked carefully with Warner Bros. to make sure Warner Bros. theatrical was on board so we were able to get it done. You want to work carefully with your studio to make sure that it works and that it doesn’t interfere with their projects.”

Though it's true that actors cast to play TV roles (and those on The CW in particular) tend to be older than the characters they play, this casting news may be a sign that the connections between Amazon and a Warner Bros. movie universe are even more tenuous than some might assume (and seeing Diana trained from adolescence may not be in the cards after all).

Given the talent assembled for the TV show though, and the surprise success of Arrow, we're willing to wait and see. Especially with the added chance of any potential Arrow/Amazon crossovers (which Pedowitz didn't rule out) also bringing a Torchwood reunion, thanks to John Barrowman's role as an Arrow antagonist.

Arrow Producers Talk Wonder Woman Crossover

For now, casting is far from complete. What can be taken from Pedowitz's comments is that the Amazon direction won't interfere with the studio's plans for Wonder Woman in the immediate future. Does that mean Themyscira and Diana's origins won't be featured in Justice League? Whatever the case may be, and whether or not Manson wins the role, there's a good chance the actresses who impress those involved may be receiving a call when it comes to casting Justice League.

What do you think of Manson's name being mentioned? A wise move, or a step in the wrong direction? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We'll keep you up to date on all Amazon and Wonder Woman news as it arrives.


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Source: IGN, STV (via CBM)

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